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Nov 28, 2004
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All right, despite my offering the advice on heart health, I gotta admit I could do sooo much better in the exercise department. What are some exercises you actually *enjoy* doing and also see results from?

I don't mind walking, jumping rope and even lifting weights, but any ab-type exercises are Yuuuck! imo.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Pilates!!!
Especially since you don't feel like you're exercising! LOL It's like the lazy approach to exercise! But it works! Ironic ain't it? And it's killer for nice abs too! You gotta try it!!

I've been dying to try out pilates but there's no classes near me. Do you go to a class Janelle or do you use a pilates dvd at home? If so, any rec's?

i like walking & aqua-aerobics/swimming for exercise. i've had several knee surgeries so too much impact makes exercise difficult to enjoy. i have a Yoga & Pilates DVD, but haven't had a chance to try it. as much as i hate ab-work, i have an exercise ball from my physical therapists to help me "motivate."

Um, back when I actually worked out on a regular basis, I loved running! I just loved the solitude of it, and how I could just let my mind wander where ever I wanted! (When I was an undergrad, there were a few times that while I was running I figured out the answer to a Calculus problem I had been working on earlier or something like that!) Plus I had awesome calf muscles back in high school, when I run several miles up and down hills 6 days a week for the track team! Now I just have skinny "chicken legs" from lack of exercise

It seems like now I never have the time to run (or do any exercise), and it's so stinking cold here half the year anyway! I really need to start some sort of routine but just haven't done it yet....

Originally Posted by laura127 I've been dying to try out pilates but there's no classes near me. Do you go to a class Janelle or do you use a pilates dvd at home? If so, any rec's? I just use the dvd's... so far anyway - I haven't been to the gym in awhile (although I should be!) they offered a class, but it was like one day a week at like 5am... umm... NO thank you! I barely get up as it is! LOL (Although it would probably feel pretty good first thing in the AM - I just am not that diciplined!)My first pilates dvd's were just either by Crunch or MTV or something I just picked up in a dvd store... Then my boss gave me the set of "Winsor Pilates" dvd's that she never used... (still in plastic! LOL) She says pilates is too slow for her.. she likes weights and running etc... ($100 set of dvds for free? Fine with me! LOL) Then I bought another Winsor dvd on ebay the "power scuplting' that came with the resistance band. The Winsor ones are great... but the other brands were good too - the moves are pretty much the same, so it really doesn't matter what you buy. Some dvd's just may have more than others - but everything else is pretty much the basic moves. You should try it Laura! It's so wierd, because you feel like you are doing absolutly NOTHING! LOL Most moves you are lying on the floor (Real Exertion there! LOL) but ironic enough, you are sore the next day and you see results! Pretty cool, huh? Anything that doesn't feel like exercise - that works, is ok with me!! LOL The stomach moves are really good - you FEEL that! It just goes to show it's not how hard you work, but HOW you work that makes a big difference! Next time you see any dvd - try it out.. see if you can find a "Crunch" or "Mtv" brand - and try to stay away from ones that look more like 'yoga' tapes...

I love walking, especially this time of year when the weather is cooler, we have some really nice parks around here with walking trails. I always wanted to try pilates but its the same thing at my gym, they have like 2 classes a week, one at like 6 in the morning and the other is at night and there is just no way I can get there at those times for now. I think maybe I will look into buying a DVD and try it at home.
I used to enjoy running a lot but my knees can't take more than a couple miles now. However the elliptical is a low impact alternative and I think it's really fun! Also spinning! I hate stationary bikes, but for some reason, I absolutely love spinning. You really use your core muscles more because you have to hold your self up instead of sitting on the seat and there's just something fun about it for me!


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