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Jan 15, 2007
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I couldn't find much information doing a search. What mineral make up do you use and what brush do you use for your brows? Do you also use a brow gel?



Bare Esscentuals and Smashbox have brow kits with a brush.I'm sure there are more but those are the two I notice the most.

I use a drugstore brow gel/clear mascara called style & shine by rimmel. It doesn't cost much and it does what it's supposed to; keep your brows in place. There is a downside... touching the mascara brush to your face will make the gel dirty; you can see it because the container is clear.

Originally Posted by Kristines /img/forum/go_quote.gif I couldn't find much information doing a search. What mineral make up do you use and what brush do you use for your brows? Do you also use a brow gel?


What I use for perfect sculptured brows are those eye stencils which I got at Duane Reade - 4 stencils for only $2.00. I then use either a slanted eyeliner brush (not a traditional eyeliner brush which is a very fine pointy tipped brush - that I use to line my eyes!). The slanted eyeliner brush is the one which most people use when using gel eyeliner or when I apply powder eyeshadow to line underneath my eye. It's a slightly stiff slanted brush which is perfect for applying any of my light brown/taupe eyeshadow or minerals to fill in my brows. I simply dip my brush into the shadow and fill in the stencil which I hold over my existing eyebrow. I use light strokes, and start out with just a little and then build up as needed. I don't use the wax all of the time to "set" my brows, but I do brush them upward with and either an eyebrow brush or one of those clean sample mascara brushes you can get at any Sephora for free. Some days, I just do my eyebrows free hand - it depends on how I feel that day.
It's so expensive to use the pre-packed kits that they have at Sephora. You can get what you need for much less money and you'll get the same or better results. I've seen some of those kits go for over $50.00!!! The stencils can be found at most Duane Reade or CVS stores. You probably even have the brush - and to fill in your brows, just use any matte eyeshadow in a shade lighter than your eyebrows. If you want to get really fussy about it, you can even buy the NYC brow kit - it's contains the shadow, a tiny slant brow brush, a teeny tweezer and the wax. It shouldn't cost more than a few dollars. For application instructions, you can even watch a video on Youtube - just do a search for "perfect eyebrows" or "shaping eyebrows."

Hope this helps you out,


I mostly just use roux eyebrow tint these days, but for special occasions when I want them darker/fuller I use EDM's wild flowers shadow & my Mac 226 brush. I usually apply a clear mascara to my brows first to help the shadow cling to it even better & it'll last all day like that.

check out perfect brow website. They have a kit and also stencils. The makeup is mineral.

Its worth a look.

I use Anastacia Brow Kit. Anastasia is the eyebrow person to the stars. It is an amazing powder applied with a brush. It comes with a clear gel that goes on perfectly. It has GREAT tweezers. The only downfall for me was the stencils...they are too large for me...or maybe I just don't use them correctly.


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