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May 6, 2004
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Ok girls, here's my problem...

I always stick to the same colours when doing one eye. Example if i do a purple eye, i'll use a light, med & dark purple. If i'm doing a pink eye, i'll use a light, med & dark pink. I getting bored with it. I wanna spice things up a bit and use colours that are not in the same family. Like peach & purple, pink & green etc.. Get my drift?

So come on girls! Tell me all the combo's ye use.

what a great thread!! I think you´ll definitely get some ideas from the ladies on here (I could use some new ideas too in fact

Oddly I never really do the combos you described, with 3 shades (light to dark) of the same color.ok, I do this whenever I wear a golden eye in winter time, but that´s about it

here´s some combos I like (for spring mainly)

1. light pink frosty e/s (like MAC Pink Papillon or Swish) all over lid and a bright color (like MAC Aquadisiac, or for a more subtle look a plum e/s, or for a glamourous look a gold e/s..hm...gotta get brassy fluidline for that-might be even better) as liner

2. bright green all over lid and dark blue (or grey) to do a smokey eye

3. first 2 thirds of lid bright turquoise (Aquadisiac), last third purple (Amethyst). only lightly blended.

(sounds odd, but I wore this on a club night with a peach shirt and it didn´t look THAT drastic on me)

that´s all I can think of so far. I´m not the type to wear lots of neutrals b/c it makes me look washed out. I need some color, especially when going out at night. as I said, although these 3 combos sound funky it can be done kinda subtle too (at least that´s how it tends to look on me)

The MA at my MAC counter is always doing 2 different colors... and on her they look great! (On me, I think it's another story! I'm doing what Laura does w/ the same colors! LOL) But she had on Pink Papillon & Shimmermoss (kind of washed together... pink toward inner part of lid, green toward outer - very light but you could still see the colors) and she also did: Metamorph & a dark green (sumptuous olive? I forget) and also with Petalescent & Nocturnelle

Some really different colors, but they looked so good just lightly washed on there... wish I knew how she did it!

Hmm, that's a toughie Trisha. I should really do up an excel spreadsheet with all my make up like you did! I'll search through some old posts coz i know i posted my list a few months back

Arielle & Janelle thanks a million for those combo's!

Yup! the MA had all her lighter colors on the inner part. Except for this one MA I saw there once, and she had a bold purple on the inner, and a light pinkish color on the outer... seemed wierd to me at first, but it actually looked pretty on her!
I love pinks and greens together. The other week I did UD Hot Pants (med. bright pink) on the lid with UD Mildew (med/dk. green) in the outer "V".

I also love pinks and purples paired together. I'll do something like UD Hot Pants on the lid with MAC Parfait Amour or Violet Pigment in the crease.

Strangely enough, MAC Paradisco (orangey coral) and MAC Swimming (medium bright green w/silver shimmer) look fab paired together.

Anyways, I hope this helps some, Laura!

I'm the same way Laura. I'm not sure how to pair different colors together, and I always end up going with shadows in the same color family.

Some things that I've done differently though are:

-Paradisco on the inside lid, and Mulch in the outside

-Expensive Pink or Sushi Flower on the inside lid, and darker purples on the outside

-Amber Lights on the inside, Humid on the outside

That's all I've tried though. I'm going to try pinks and greens.


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