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Dec 11, 2012
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I have struggled with extreme dark circles under my eyes since I was a kid. These aren't from being tired or from allergies either. I've had them everyday of my life. I've tried so many different concealers to cover them up, and I have had little success.

In the past, I've heard that vitamin K cremes can help, but I couldn't find any before/after pictures anywhere where I could see the results that so many reviews rave about.

Has anyone here had success with a vitamin K creme or any other sort of eye cream in reducing your dark circles?

I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!!

I feel your pain! I have genetic dark circles. The thing is, genetic ones are usually because of the actual bone structure of the face- something that no creams can change. There is something called blepharoplasty which may work for genetic dark  circles. Here's a before and after:​

As I am still underage and I'm not sure whether I would even want to get it done, I just have decided to work with them. In order to stop from getting deeper dark circles from things not caused by genetics, I've been drinking tons of water and eating more fruit over the past few months! It's not a dramatic difference, but it has helped ease the appearance of them, although there's only so much nutrition can do. To avoid them becoming worse, I would suggest making sure you're eating right and getting a good amount of sleep. Also, I would try a de-puffing roll on gel. Sephora sells a good one, which I use, for $15.​
Concealer wise, I've found that Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Concealer has worked pretty well on the dark discoloration. It is made for covering tattoos, however my discoloration is pretty dark, and it works. It's super cheap, too- $25 for a medium sized tube that lasts forever, haha.​
I have under eye circles and also happen to work night shifts, so I understand. I've yet to find any cream that's miraculously helped diminish, let alone make them disappear. Instead, I use color correctors and concealer to disguise them. Try using color theory and pick a peach or orange corrector to use in that area. Then a concealer, if necessary. But good luck on the product search!

Yes I have had success with using a Vitamin K cream for dark circles - I use one from a company called Yves Rocher in Canada. I started getting dark circles in 2008 when I was 18 after starting a medication called Spironolactone that I have to take permanently for the rest of my life. Anyway, I developed very blue-purplish based dark circles that extended around my eye lid even! like a panda. it was crazy. I used to rely heavily on studio finish concealer from MAC to take them out (still the best undereye concealer in the world in my opinion, doesn't break down and covers everything). I started using a the vitamin K cream in combination with Bio-oil (you can also use a hydrating serum) in 2011 and it has worked very well. But this may be because mine aren't genetic, just from dehydration in my skin from taking a water pill.

Skincare is good, but it is better to find out why you might have the dark circles to begin with. Dark circles can be a result of too much stress, not sleeping enough, keeping eye makeup on, not sleeping in the right position, mineral deficiencies, dehydration, fluid retention, allergies, or too much alcohol or caffeine. If you have a bag that is big on one eye, it is probably a result of sleeping on one side. Seeping on your back will probably fix this. Make sure you drink enough. 8 glasses a day is really not accurate. It depends on a number of factors. You can use an online calculator to figure out the right amount: http://nutrition.about.com/library/blwatercalculator.htm Take a multivitamin if you don't already. Specifically vitamin E, B and iron are useful. Watch your salt intake. This is a nice article on determine the cause of your dark circles. http://www.realsimple.com/beauty-fashion/skincare/face/treating-dark-circles-under-eyes-00000000029970/ Vitamin K creams should help. I have tried some Ole Henriksen eye creams - truth is in the eyes seems good. I also sometimes use Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream and NeoStrata Intense Eye Therapy.

My dark circles are genetic. I've used a Vitamin K cream in the past, but can't say that it worked any miracles for me. I'd be willing to try one again since the last time was probably 10 years ago, but I'm a skeptic. Like MissLindaJean, my best solution is concealing. I'm trying to learn to love 'em on the days I don't want to bother with makeup.

Not everything has a "cause". Dark circles and bags are predominately genetic or based around ethnicity (a lot of Indian women suffer from enormous dark circles I notice ect.). Unless of course you've never had an issue with dark circles before and you've suddenly developed them - well then that's a bit different, then it could be a deficiency of some kind or too much stress. But for the majority it's genetic.

Yes, definitely can be genetic. If you look at the second link, it shows how you can do a "test" to see if it is genetic or not.

Yes, definitely can be genetic. If you look at the second link, it shows how you can do a "test" to see if it is genetic or not.
What is the test? I can't find it. Which link did you mean?
I'm have dark circle since my teenage time and been looking for eye cream or anything can help. My dark circle is caused weather allergy which leads to sinusitis. The most effective way would be to find a cure for that but it is kinda impossible. So I'm fighting in desperation.

Tried All about Eye by Clinique but don't effective. 

Going to try Guerlain 'Orchidée Impériale' Eye & Lip Cream, have anyone tried that one? If it is , may be I should give it a try and have it ship to my home ( far far away from US :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />)

If you'd like to experience a treatment plan regarding such eye condition, you don't have to concern yourself too much because a variety of eye creams for this eye problem can be bought in the market. There are plenty of cosmetic companies that guarantee to provide outstanding products that can get rid of this unwanted eye problem for you. Take a look at any cosmetic aisle and you will find out many product selections. In fact, it's easy to become misplaced because of the lots of anonymous products available. If you're not sure what things to pick, here's the tip: read the components label as well as try to look for products that contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K, alpha hydroxy acid, and kinetin.

I would recommend the Eyelastin because it is clinically proven and completely organic product to work and contains many unique features, including patent Nanoderm Technology. Eyelastin is manufactured by Dermagevity Skin Care which is based on the invention of product formulations that will harness scientifically verified ingredients and innovative delivery methods that reduce the presence dark under eye circles as well as accelerate the particular recovery of typical beauty imperfections.

I have been using Burt's Bees eye cream with royal Jelly for a long time. It's nothing incredible but it works pretty well with my horrid dark circles! I reccommend it because its also not too expensive (I think it's about $18)


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