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Jan 18, 2004
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Hey Girls! Can any of you give me some much needed advice on the best way to apply 'eye gloss' or cream eyeshadows? I recently bought a set of Christian Dior eye gloss tubes (they are similar to Jucy Tubes Lip Gloss. However most of the colors are pretty natural and easy to apply. However i have a couple of colors which are very vivid like Metallic Blue and Purple (i love them) but i am not having much luck applying the darker colors. When i use Gold or Silver it is no problem, but with darker colors i have to be more careful and precise. Any tips? What would be the best type of applicator or brush to use to apply them. Is there a way to make the gloss last better without smudging? Any advice would be welcome. Thanksx

I haven't used that brand of eyegloss before, but usually when I am using an eyegloss I pat it on with my finger instead of using a brush. I usually use brushes, but I feel that patting it on keeps you from putting on as much product. This insures that you only have enough gloss on the lid for color and shine without a lot of creasing. The more you pile on the higher chance of creasing. Another option is to pat on a LITTLE bit of face powder on the gloss after you are finished putting on the eyegloss. The powder will adhere to the gloss and tone down the creasing without eliminating the shine and color of the gloss....but I try do my first suggestion first. I hope that helps. Candace Corey Makeup & Hair www.candacecorey.com

There are a lot of good eye glosses out there but one that I was very impressed with was Rimmel's. It is cheap (in price), high in pigment, and went on easy and was not too greasy so it stayed longer on the eye.....and they have great colors. Candace Corey Makeup & Hair www.candacecorey.com


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