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Jan 4, 2012
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I happened to notice the expiration date on my ud primer the other day, and was shocked to see "6 mos". I had no idea primer had such a short shelf life. I tossed it, immediately (it was almost a yr old), and have been using a be primer, which probably only has another month or two before I have to toss. The bare minerals one also says 6 mos. who the heck goes thru primer that quickly? I use it just abt daily, but I could never finish one that quick.

I go through primers like no tomorrow!! Honestly Ive tried them all, but I keep going back to the 1$ ELf primer. It has a short life, but by the time the expiration date comes up, Ive already started scraping the tube.

I'm also a fan of the 1$ ELF primer, too, and like the poster above me pointed out, at that price, it's not a big deal to toss it out. I've also tried Smashbox and Benefit eye lid primer, and I feel like they all give me the same results.


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