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Feb 16, 2007
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Tampa Bay Area, FL
Okay, Sooooo... I am going to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween this year. I have a lot of MAC eye shadows... What do you guys think would look the best as far as color combinations for this outfit?? I'm not good at doing black smokey eye on myself, so that combo is out. lol



I've been Alice before and I just did a pale eyeshadow (gesso, maybe? can't remember) with a good medium thick line of black eyeliner on the top lid and some really flirty kind of innocent cartoony type eyelashes.

Hi FCUK have a colour eyeshadow that would be great for this look, i will have to look to find out what the colour is called, its a light blue in a magnetic box, i dont know if you get these in the states? also i think a silver eye pencil like Barry M glitter one would also be good, if you have alot of Mac eye shadows i am sure one will go lovely with this outfit, good luck Mary

Maybe a white color with some tilt? I don't know... I'm so terrible at matching shadows to clothes.

inside corner of eyes..put white or silver

and then at the crease put blue!!

blend!! with thick eyeliner

and long false eyelashes!!

nude color blush,maybe soft pink or nude lipstick!!

this should work!!

just have fun with it!!

I would do a white shadow, black liquid liner and mascara. Really pink cheeks and really pinky lips. Think very little girl with a hint of naughty!!


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