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Jul 23, 2012
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Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I am in need of some good advice about how to undo some pretty bad damage I've done over the years to my poor eyebrows.

An older friend insisted I needed to pluck my eyebrows when I was a teenager & she did them so thin & terribly shaped that I always tried to figure out how to fix them. I am simply terrible at it. So after years of overplucking, many of the hairs won't grow back! I'm desperate to fix them... I won't let people take pictures of me, I'm so embarrassed about them.

Anyone have any ideas about how to get them to grow again? I found a few good video tutorials to help me reshape them but getting them to grow is another story...

 Thanks in advance for your help!!! :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />


See what I mean??? No bashing please, I already know :^(

Don't even bother with a procedure. It takes some extra time in the morning, but I promise you'll be totally amazed(like I was when I first started doing this), you just need to fill in your brows with eyeshadow, get an angled brush, some light brow/dar brown/black eyeshadow, whatever color it is you want to use, and just lightly fill in the brow, I recently started doing this(and my brows aren't that thin, but I just wanted to define them more and give the illusion of them being fuller(less sparse hair), and I LOVE it. It looks awesome. If you want me to send you personal pictures of what I did--like without filling in and then with filling in, just PM me and I'll send them your way. I may do a blog post about it because that's how awesome I think it is :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

EDIT: Someone PM'd me and requested I do it, so I now have a blogpost/tutorial on it, you can check it out on my blog.

Thanks, Yuliya, I will check your blog! I have tried touching up with eye shadow, eyebrow filler, etc... but with such thin brows it looks really fake. :/

Originally Posted by Betty Boop 1110 /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Thanks, Yuliya, I will check your blog! I have tried touching up with eye shadow, eyebrow filler, etc... but with such thin brows it looks really fake. :/

There's deff. a difference between how I fill in my brows and how others do(since I have pretty full eyebrows) BUT I think with a medium brown eyeshadow, with really light defining, it could look better. It will never look real, because it isn't :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> and you shouldnt be ashamed of having eyebrows that don't look 100% real. The important thing is just to make sure they make the rest of your face look great. Shape/definition is what matters, not how fake they look(in my opinion). Unless they look CRAZY fake, even the ones in my video that I did are pushing boundries(since I used black) but with a brown it'd be hard to look toooo fake.

Hi there, If you are looking for growth of hair you need to "feed the area" with the nutrients it needs. Using a little bit of coconut oil will help overtime. Pure Almond oil will help as well. Prevent plucking that area. In the mean time you can use make up (eye shadow) (eye liner) to cover up the area.

I have the same problem with sparse eyebrows, although mine isn't from over plucking it is from being almost FIFTY!  As you get older your eyebrows loose a lot of fullness and mine are almost non-existent on the outside edge.  It doesn't help for me that I have strawberry blond hair so the brows I do have are very, very light/blonde.  I also overplucked mine where they start closest to the nose.

The very first thing you have got to do is resist the urge to pluck!!  Give your eyebrows a chance to grow in...undisturbed.  I know you think you look like a dalmation but it will probably look worse before it gets better so you will just have to make your mind up to deal with.  Its sort of like waiting for bangs or a bad haircut to grow out, you just have to go through the growing out process.  If you absolutely can't stand it pluck ONLY the very bottom edge to clean things up a bit.  Do not pluck the area where your brows start or end .

I've tried several different types of products to fill in my brows because I am looking for a very natural look.  I do not like the tattoo eyebrows look so I personally would hesitate to get any kind of permanent procedure.  Who knows you may want something totally different looking in 10-20 years than what you want now and if its permanent you can't change it.  I personally have lived through the very bushy eyebrow fashion all the way to very, very thin and back again (see I'm old enough to be able to say that aaagggh!).  Styles change!  

I've used shadow type products to fill in but it didn't look very natural to me.  The best product I've found for the look I want is Anastasia Brow Pen.  Its kind of like a felt tip marker pen and you can draw in individual hairs but don't overdo it and use a lighter color if you can.  Takes some time but to me its worth the effort.  You can top that off with a tiny bit of shadow and then brush it in with either a clean mascara wand or the brush side of an eyebrow brush.  Kind of squiggle your hand while you are holding the brush so it breaks up the color a bit.

Finally, lots of the eyelash growing products can be used on eyebrows.  I got a sample of LashFood and have used it on my eyebrows and it really has worked.  It takes a loooong time...for me it was almost 4 weeks but one day I woke up and saw several very obvious hairs at the beginning and under the brow.  True it isn't a lot but its enough for me for a start.  The other bad thing, in addition to being kind of expensive, is you have to keep using it.  For me I'm willing to do that at least for a while.  There are lots of different brands and I hear that some work for some people and not at all for others so you may have to try several different kinds.

Good luck...and by the way for what its worth I don't think you should feel so self-conscious.  You are a very pretty girl with gorgeous, big brown eyes!


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