Eyelash curler MAJOR MALFUNCTION!!

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Jan 6, 2007
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I have used an eyelash curler for over twenty years! (OMG! I don't know if I like the way that sounds... lol) I have had the normal lash or two pulled out here and there with them, but yesterday the outer two-thirds of my lashes on my left eye were yanked out with my Revlon Eyelash Curler!!! It has these little black rubber pieces in the finger holes, that SLIPPED OUT while I was curling my lashes
!! It hurt when it happened, but thankfully, not since. However, now I am left having to wear false lashes for the next few weeks

I saw a while back some comments on the Ardell lash and brow growth accelerator, so i picked some up last night. I sure hope it helps...

I am thinking of writing a letter to Revlon, just in case they weren't aware that the rubber things slip out while in use. I can't IMAGINE they aren't aware of that, but why would they leave them in if they weren't safe??? I don't think I did anything wrong for it to happen...

Please let me know if you think I should write them and any suggestions for making that eye look normal in the meantime. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!

It's funny you posted this, I just ordered a similar product from Sephora Talika Lipocils).

I say you should definitely write the company!!

In the meantime, you could try tightlining in the area where your lashes are missing, and using a good mascara and maybe eyeliner on the top lid. To help it be less noticeable while they grow back. FYI I just did a google search on eyelash re-growth, and they found it takes 4-6 weeks.

Oh good! 4-6 weeks I can handle. I've gone about that long through "no eye MU" phases before. Usually by choice though, like for a really great new dark lip color or something. THAT'S WHAT I'LL DO TOO!! I'm going to Nordstrom to get a new dark lip color! Yaay!

Is tightlining where you get the eyeliner down inbetween the lashes really good? If it is, I just learned that actually at the Laura Mercier counter a couple of months ago. GOOD THING!!

Thanks for your help and let me know how well the Taliaka product works!

Yes, that's exactly what tightlining is!! And apparently the Laura Mercier eyeliner is one of the best products to use for this (I however just use my regular old eyeliner)!!

You let me know the Ardell works too!


Oh dear. I think the black rubbery things in the finger holes are for grip, so things like this wouldn't happen! How ironic.

I've used Talika before and I really think it made my lashes grow thicker, but I'm not sure how well it works for hair that has been pulled.

Ya, that's what I was wondering too. Since the instructions are to brush onto lashes, since there aren't any on most of that upper lid, I'm just brushing it on the sparse lashes there and hoping the little bit that gets on the skin is helpful to fill in the bald spots.

Thanks for your comment!

I just wanted to say that I would DEFINITELY write to Revlon about this. I would be so upset if this happened to me, with a product thats designed to not harm your lashes. I remember once too much false lash glue got onto my lashes and ripped a clump out and I was so mad having to apply a little strip of false lashes til they grew back. I guess the good news is that since you'll be conditioning your lashes, the new ones will be especially healthy?


Definitely let Revlon know what has happened. Chances are you weren't the only one that experienced this mishap.

Oh I feel for you. It's happened to me before when someone bumped into me while I was curling my eyelashes. But it grew back in like 2-3 weeks!! I swear it was like SUPERhair, it grew sooooo fast. Hope it's the same with you.

OMG How scary! I'm so sorry and I hope they grow back fast!! I have the same curler, with the black grips in the finger holes. I've wondered why they didn't just coat the finger holes, instead of these covers that sort of move... I may toss this curler in the drawer and go back to my old one.

I have given up on my old metal curler and replaced with battery powered heating one - the results are just as great but not pinching. I would write to Revlon but dont expect any joy....

To make your lashes look normal, I'd say don't use any mascara, emphasize them with liner and shadow.

Also I don't want to scare you, but it's smart to keep makeup away from your eyes when this happens because, a few years ago I tweezed an eyelash that is constantly hanging from the corner of my eye, and it turned into an ingrown hair right on my eye. I had an eye infection and my right eye was swelled shut for a few days. Having an open follicule makes it prone to clogging by any eyemakeup you wear, so be cautious on what products you use.

Ouch! Im sorry to hear this happened to you! Ive been through a similiar situation from something else that I wont get into lol, but I ended up having about 10 eyelashes left.

I got myself some Talika and used it just as the instructions said, within a month my eyelashes were growing back strong and thick even where there had been bald spots before lol. I went au natural for that month, I think thats best to help them heal and grow. I still use Talika everyday, its been almost 4 months now since I started using it, and my eyelashes are better than they have ever been. Just wait it out and let them grow back and Id advise wearing as little makeup as possible for a month or so, avoid false eyelashes too because that glue isn't good either. And oh, to help hairs grow back where there isn't any even there, make sure you apply the stuff RIGHT on the lashline too.

Castor oil also helps to make them strong once they grow out, as well as olive oil. I apply this stuff with a Qtip along the upper lash line at night time and its made my eyelashes perfect along with that Talika.

OMG! Perlanga2005, thank you so much for the info on ingrown eyelash hairs! It didn't even occur to me that was possible. I suppose Killah_Kitty's advice on minimal makeup and falsey's goes right along with that. I will be going au naturale for a few weeks then.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT AND COMMENTS! I will be writing Revlon and I'll let you know what response I get.

Talika didn't seem to work on me was not worth the price IMHO. I have been using KGF Brow and Lash Serum from SkinActives for about 4 months now and it has done AMAZING things for my lashes. They grow in thicker and longer and I skip mascara most days. When I overpluck my eyebrows I swipe some on them, too, to speed up regrowth. It's only $9 and I recommend it to everyone.

Keratinocyte Growth Factor by Skin Actives

^^The lash serum is on the lower right part of this page

It comes in a little tube with like a lipgloss applicator that you wipe on to the lash base. It does sting a little if you get it in your eyes but if you wear it before bed its not a problem.

Oh really? I haven't heard of KGF, is it new? Is it sold anywhere locally or just on the internet? I'm a little leary of cosmetics only sold on the internet, unless I know a few people who recommend it. How long have you used it? Do you know anyone else who does?



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