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Nov 30, 2011
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I am debating getting eye lash extensions but I am unsure about them.
Are there any negative effects? Do they get in the way? Any advice?!

Yes you are right,

I am also facing the same problem of eyelash extension,

There are many eyelash extensions product that are available in the market,

But the thing is that the product web page does not list its ingredients or public reviews,

So can we judge whether the product suits us or not..

I got a full set professionally put on for both eyes before Christmas. Loved the look, hated how itchy they got and how I had to sleep with my face upward all night long. Now that they are all out, my natural eyelashes are much shorter and more sparse than before I got the extensions. I loved them at the time, but because of the aftermath, I probably would not get them done again.

I loved mine when I had them, but they basically ruined my natural lashes. Which were already short and sparse :/ I don't know that I would do it again since I can't afford upkeep.


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