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Jun 2, 2007
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I have tried all the liners that claim to be waterproof and they still smudge. I have very oily skin so thats a major factor. I've tried the Mac mechanical liners, their pot liners and the Smashbox ones too. I've tried lining with waterproof mascara but it breaks up and goes into my eyes. I've also tried setting the liners with eyeshadow or using concealer before I line it.

Have you tried Revlon Colorstay? That's what I use and I have allergy eyes; they're watery all day.

I use Revlon Colorstay or Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner. They're both pretty similar. But to really make it stay on the lower lash line, I take some Bare Minerals Mineral Veil (It's a translucent powder) and use a q-tip or concealer brush and dust it just under the liner, sometimes just overlapping it. Whenever I do that, I don't have issues with the liner getting out of place.

Before i got Mineral Veil, I had done the same thing with other kinds of loose powder but I still had smudging. This seems to be the only thing that's worked for me so far!

The only one that works for my waterline is Smashbox, not the cream liner. I use the Smashbox Jet Set, it is waterproof and made for the waterline. HTH.

When I use my bobbi brown gel eyeliner on my lower lashline, it never smudges!


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