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Jul 11, 2006
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i'm looking for a sharpener for my pencil eyeliners. which sharpeners do you think is the best: one from a department store brand or the ones you buy at the drugstore that you use to sharpen pencils?

I just use an NYC one... Works well for me

Seems like the sharpeners that are the same brand as the liner work best. I am not sure why??

I've used a Shu Uemura sharpner for years. It has the two sizes and the blade has held up great.

sue devitt's is no joke. it's a duo, $10, but holy shit, with that thing, you turn it once and the pencil is sharpened. you save A LOT of money in the long run by saving your pencils.

I got a duo from H&M and i've had it for years, works great. As long as it does its job I don't care what brand it is. Why pay like $10 to sharpen a pencil!

I had a cheap sharpener from WNW it worked greta, but my mom stole it. The only thing is to get one without a lid, the ones with lids tend to fill up very fast, which does not help when sharpening the liner.

I use a normal pencil sharpener.

I had lost my other one, so.

I just use this, and for me it works great


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