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Sep 24, 2007
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Do you line your eyes with eyeliner underneath on the waterline, or just along the lashline, or both? Do you shadow under your eye, along the lashes, or right under the lashline? Curious as to everyone's preferences.

i'm not comfortable having eyeliner on my waterline and also i wear contacts so i only line it along the lashline.

I do pencil eyeliner on inner rim on lower lashline and liquid eyeliner on upper lashline.

I line the lower lashline. Never my waterline, I heard that's not good for the eyes and it makes eyes look smaller too. That's my personal preference

For day to day I either do nothing or else just the top

For going out I do the bottom a bit heavier than usual

I use Fluidlines along my bottom waterline and line with eyeshadow on my lower lashline. I don't put anything on my upper waterline or lashline except eyeshadow.

i always line the top lashline, but not usually the bottom.i do like shawdow on the bottom. whenever i try to line inside the bottom rim, the liner ends up caking in the corners of my eyes throughout the night. like gross little eye boogies! nasty

i try to line my upper lashline, and i always do it when going for a full eye makeup.

for the under eye, i never ever line my waterline(too sensitive). iinstead i go with a pencil or a brush under the lashes and line as close to them as possible.

usually i don't line the inner corners, but i extend the liner a bit in the outer corner.

if it's a smokey eye, of course, i'll apply the eyeshadow, then the liner (sometimes khol and liquid liner). each time i line my bottom lid i also apply mascara.

i apply a light coat of UDPP before, it really helps the liner to stay put, and not smudge into a panda eye lol.

Originally Posted by noahlowryfan /img/forum/go_quote.gif i'm not comfortable having eyeliner on my waterline and also i wear contacts so i only line it along the lashline. I'm totally with you. or often not even wear on the lashline If I get Lasik, I can wear the sexy liner ALL the way though

If I wear any eyeliner at all on the bottom lid, I'll line from the middle outwards on the lash line.

I vary it. Sometimes I'll do liquid liner all the way around, other times I'll do pencil all the way around, except when I'm doing pencil I tend to avoid the water line, because the liner doesn't stay put and gets smudgy looking.

I usually line along the top lashline with gel liner, then use a dark eye shadow right in the lower eyelash line. I sometimes use a liner in the lower waterline but it tends to make my eyes look overdone.

I normally dont wear eyeliner in the day but for going out I will smudge a line under the eye and definitely do the water line for effect =)

Originally Posted by PhantomGoddess /img/forum/go_quote.gif I do everything, it just depends on my mood / occasion. same here
it depends on the look i'm trying to achieve.

i've lined my waterlines with cream liner.

i've lined my waterlines with cream liner and added shadow on top.

i've never lined my bottom lashline with eyeliner though. its too thick. i just use shadow for that area.


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