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May 10, 2012
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hey everyone, its me again with another question. whenever i do my eyeliner (bottom lid) with any pencil sometimes it looks like i used a crayon its just not a professional look. im not sure if thats a good way to describe it, but it looks like its not on there sharp enough, it just looks like smeared and not that sharp line i want it to be. is there anything i can do to my bottom lip to get a fuller effect? shud i aim for gel liner instead on the bottom lid? thanks to anyone that can answer this ; )

hey, i seem to be having the same problem and i couldnt find a solution , i then started watching tutorials on youtube and they have helped solve my problem. mayb you should try this also!

I myself don't wear liner on my bottom lids often, because my eyes are on the smaller side and this technique seems to minimize them even more. Watching tutorials is a great idea though!

I like Laura Mercier''s Tightline cake eyeliner for the lower lash line and to tightline the upper lashes, and MAC Fluidline for the waterline and above my upper lash line.

A cream, gel, or liquid liner will give you a more defined line for sure.... If I line my lower lid i do it from the las to the water line.... also check out Wet-N-Wilds eye liner pencils... Ther are grreat and only $1 each.... I've got a ton of them.


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