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Jul 21, 2005
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Has anyone tried benefit's She-laq? I was looking for something that will seal an eyeliner, etc.

This sounded like a cool product, it says you can seal your the regular eyeshadow on your lid as well!!

Sorry I haven't tried it but it sounds like a very interesting product. I'd be interesting learning more about it too.

i haven't tried it either. i know there are a couple of ladies on the site that know all about benefit products. i normally apply my pencil liner and then go over it with shadow and it stays put even if my eyes water.

I do! I really like it. I use it as a lip liner sealer mostly and also for eye liner. I have used it on my eye shadow when I have the time and it does stay on. If you do get it, be careful that you dont use a lot. Its a time consuming product cause you have to make sure that they product dries on your skin so you can't open your eye otherwise it will smudge. But if you have the patience for it, I would recommend it.

I have it and use it after applying Brow-Zings and also on my lips after lipstick. It works much better on the brows than on the lips IMO. I don't wear eyeshadow often, so it will be interesting to hear if it works for you.

Oh.... My darling She-Laq what would I do if you weren't in my life???? She-Laq is a makeup sealer for brows, lashes, liner and lips. After you apply you makeup lightly coat it with She-Laq, it will be sealed until you take it off. I use it on my brows, mascara and liner. I never have smudgy, flakey eyes! I put She-Laq to the "true" test when I found out I owed money on my taxes....I cried. And all of the auditors had one thing to say to me........How does your makeup stay so perfect! Don't use it all over lips or all over eyelids.


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