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Aug 19, 2005
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Anyone knows a yellow shadow that brightens the eyes/eyelids, and will stay all day, and is not to shimmery but not matt either. And something that you can see on middle brown eyelid colour! . Or an other colour maybe that softens the eyelids. I appreciate any help, bye!

Do you have to use a base before applying eyeshadow. What is a base for actually?

Originally Posted by Trisha Bases are good for evening eyelid tone, helping e/s stay and making the e/s go on more true to life.
I love Urban Decays Primer Potion, thats all i'll use now!

You may find you;ll still need a fairly matte e/s as a base colour to give extra cover to any discolouration.

I'd recommend MAC Bamboo or Stila Boquet or Launey xx

Ok, thanks for the answer. I will try to find the MAC one.