Facercise...the secret weapon??

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May 28, 2005
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Hi everyone!

Its been a while since I posted, I just discovered facercise by Carole Maggio, its a book that shows you how to exercise your face and it claims to do all this:

"* Diminish puffiness around the eyes

* Shorten and narrow the nose

* Smooth the chin, neck, and jawline

* Improve skin color and tone

* Lift eyebrows

* Recontour the cheeks

* Make lips fuller and more firm"

I have been using it for a few days now, and I have to say that my face feels tighter!! I purchased this because I noticed that when I don't smile, I have strong facial lines and sagging on my face, I am freaking out because I am only 21 and I really shouldn't look like this so young! Anyways, I like it so far, just want to know if anyone else has tried this?? Thanks!!

heres the link to the book:


She also has her own site as well:


Hhhhmmmm...glad it seems to be helping, but it seems like a gimmick to me, TBPH.

i heard about this a long time ago. like at least 10 or more. there's different stuff out now and techniques to exercise your face. i haven't looked at the site yet, but will.

I sure could use that if it works... From the Results tabs on the web site its hard to tell the befores from the afters... Then there's the ones with facercise and dental facelifts.. They just look like they are smiling and have their eyes open wider.. The non-lippo befores and afters ar cool.. Wonder if you do the facercise exersizes my stomach will shrink? Lol

Does it take any wrinkles away? I really need that!!