Faerie Organic Mineral Makeup vs. Everyday Minerals

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I've only tried EDM and not the othere. I'm not sure how minerals can be organic in any way as they are not grown...perhaps a misleading name.

I would say Faerie Organic in my opinion. Everyday minerals has lauryol lysine in their foundations which can cause breakouts, I know I do not do well with any coconut oil based ingredients on my face. I contacted F.O in the past about their name and they said that Faerie Organic is the name of their organic skincare which was what they started with and they added in the natural mineral makeup later. I still prefer them over most companies as I agree with their natural/holistic approach and the fact they do not use chemicals and preservatives in their makeup. The F.O. makeup has pretty great coverage and I don't get breakouts like I used to, its pretty good stuff.


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