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Oct 24, 2006
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hi,ive just a makeup artistry course and have been told to do a fairy make up and hair style ,the fairy shud be titania,can somebody plz help me i dont have a clue wat to do ,im terrible with eyemake up and dont have a clue
,any ideas?

yea, pastels, like soft yellow, pink, baby blue, silvers, golds, lots of glitter, perhaps attach eyelash extensions, the one with sparkles or colors of purple at the tips. oh and dont forget shimmery silver skin....

a fairy makeup for me involves a glowing flawless face, and lots of glitters. pink cheeks and pink glossy lips. for the eyes, pastels, blues, pinks, greens, soft eyeshadows blended with each other. for the hairstyle, i'd go with a semi attached style, a loose ponytail with a slightly curly hair falling down on the shoulders.

i suggest you also check the DTBS fairy princess and nature nymph, maybe you'll find something inspiring.

Yeah just get into your creative mind! There's no telling what you'll come up with. Here's a pic I found that might help.


Try some golds and silvers paired together to really make the face glow. Sparkles are a definite need or shimmer powder, whichever you prefer. I would really play with the eyes for this look. Good luck girl!


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