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Nov 13, 2006
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Was reading the Sunday paper and saw an article that was interesting and worthy of sharing. Have you heard about the new Wonderlift mascara by Chanel? Gotta get it? Well guess what? It is not a Chanel product and is the latest thing offered by counterfeiters!!! The photos are beautiful and advertising is great but Wonderlift and Wondercurl are not Chanel products. There is also a fake Chanel eyeliner floating around on eBay - watch your packaging because Chanel will not ever do the double C's on the tube. Classy Chanel will only use their logo on the lid. Ladies, with eye products especially--make sure they are the real thing--regardless of the brand. We do not know what is inside the "fake" products and they can be damaging-even blinding to the eyes. Always make sure also that the products are sealed and never been open--so many eye infections can be spread this way. I know that Christmas is coming up and money is tight-but a word from the poor but wise: Quality Chanel is expensive--if you want the same quality as Chanel without the fancy Logo then buy Bourjois. This company is a Chanel sister company--made in the same factory-similar quality and much less likely to be faked. Look out--it is Christmas and those scammers are out there!!!!