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Feb 17, 2004
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WhAt EvER HaPPenEd tO ...

Real Name: Tina Yothers
A.K.A: Jennifer Keaton
Category: Childhood Stars
Claim To Fame: Played the cute and cuddly younger sister Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties until puberty turned her into a big, beefy beast and the show was cancelled.
Update: Currently wallowing in relative obscurity as the lead singer of Jaded.

Real Name: Linda Tripp
Category: Politics
Claim To Fame: a former White House secretary who threw herself into the middle of the Clinton investigation by secretly taping revealing conversations with one-time friend Monica Lewinsky. With school-girl breathiness, Lewinsky confided the details of her affair with President Clinton, providing Tripp with 20 hours of recorded evidence. The legality of and motives behind Tripp's actions became new material for investigation.
Update: Linda Tripp has reinvented herself—literally. Her $30,000 makeover (financed by an anonymous "philanthropist") included a face- and eye-lift, a nose and chin job, and neck liposuction, all performed by Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Keyes. She reportedly battled breast cancer and is to wed her "childhood sweetheart" in spring 2004.
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Real Name: Jessica McClure
A.K.A: Baby Jessica
Category: Pop Culture
Claim To Fame: On October 14, 1987, at age 18 months she fell into a well in Midland, Texas and was the central news story the world over as rescuers worked feverishly for 3 days before she was safely retrieved from the well.
Update: She is currently (as at 2003) a teenager growing up in Texas, she has had 15 surgeries over the years but does not remember the incident at all. Her life's dream is to sing the national anthem at the Superbowl. Her plans are to go to college, get married, raise a family.

Real Name: Dee Snider
Category: One Hit Wonders
The Hit: We re Not Gonna Take It
Claim To Fame: Dee Snider was the lead singer of Twisted Sister who released the 80's metal anthem "We're Not Going To Take It".
Update: In 1998 he wrote, produced and starred in a horror movie called Strangeland. Dee now hosts a weekly syndicated radio show and does voice over work. Past clients include Sony and the New York Lottery, he recently made the news in this capacity as he has now become "The Official Voice of MSNBC".

Real Name: Stanley Kirk Burrell
A.K.A: M.C. Hammer
Category: Rock & Roll
Claim To Fame: "U can't touch this", and few could. The song topped charts in 1990 and earned an estimated $30 million. At the top of the ride Hammer had a $12 million dollar mansion in Fremont, CA, 17 luxury cars and a staff of 250.
Update: "Hammer time" was over by 1996, when $13.7 million in the red, he declared bankruptcy. After breaking his leg in 1996 and the murder of friend Tupac Shakur, Hammer went back to being "a man of God" Hammer is now an evangilist in Northern California with his wife and 4 children. He is currently trying to put out a new album.

Real Name: Wil Wheaton
Category: Childhood Stars
Claim To Fame: Toss up between Wesley Crusher from Star Trek the Next Generation or his role in Stand By Me.
Update: Wil is currently a writer and performer with the ACME Comedy Theatre, and was recently called "rather remarkable" by the LA Weekly. Upcoming roles include the romantic lead in the dark comedy "Jane White is Sick and Twisted" and a guest starring lead on PAX TV's "Twice In A Lifetime".

Real Name: Robert VanWinkle
A.K.A: Vanilla Ice
Category: Rock & Roll
Claim To Fame: Pre-dated Eminem by a decade as the first "white" rapper to hit the charts with 2 top-10 albums and a (failed) feature film. He was also an accomplished motorcycle racer and named by People magazine as one of the "50 most beautiful people" of 1990.
Update: His music career fizzled after 9 months. Virtually bankrupt by the early 90s Vanilla Ice was forced to supplement his income by cycle racing and touring overseas. A much publicized descent into drugs and obscurity forced Ice to clean-up his "act" and, after the birth of his daughter, return to touring and recording. Currently in smaller and little-known venues.

Real Name: Rodney King
Category: Infamy
Claim To Fame: Rodney King made a big splash into the public consiousness in 1991 by being in the wrong place at the wrong time (and the wrong colour of skin) as he was brutally beaten by LA Police officers who were unwittingly being video taped the entire time.
Before it was over a sensational media fracas dragged on for months and climaxed in an apocalyptic race riot that enveloped south central LA for days, killing 55 and injuring thousands.
Update: King was awarded 3.8 million in damages in a civil suit and in 1997 started a record label "called 'Straight Alta-Pazz". In 1998 that label released an album "Stranded".
In 1999 he was convicted of spouse abuse, sentenced to 90 days in jail and 4 years probation.
In 2001 he was ordered to undergo a year of drug treatment after pleading guilty to 3 counts of being under the influence of PCP and indecent exposure.
In April 2003 he was suspected to be under the influence when he crashed an SUV into a house, breaking his pelvis.
October 2003: Rodney charged with punching his girlfriend.

Real Name: Gary Burghoff
A.K.A: Radar O'Reilly
Category: Show Biz
Claim To Fame: Played the sheepish misplaced company clerk on M*A*S*H (before Klinger got the gig). It's no surprise he got his start in showbiz in the stage musical playing Charlie Brown.
Update: Spends most of his time painting but is still active in stage, once playing Barney Cashman in Neil Simon's "Last of the Red Hot Lovers".
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Real Name: Laurence Tureaud
A.K.A: Mr. T
Category: Show Biz
Claim To Fame: After being a bodyguard for the likes of Mohammed Ali, being a military policeman and a role in Rocky, his career culminated in the role of "BA" on televisions A-Team show.
Update: He was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1995 and has rarely worked since, undergoing daily chemotherapy treatments. More recently he appeared in a 1-800-collect commercial. He beat the lymphoma in 2001 and is back working. In April 2003 he filed suit against Best Buy for illegally using his image in their products.
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Real Name: Andrew Ridgeley
A.K.A: The 'other guy' from Wham!
Category: The "Other Guys"
Claim To Fame: Depends on who you ask. He was George Michael's "sidekick", "partner", "boy toy", whatever. Towards the end of Wham! I heard his guitar wasn't even plugged in. Who knows.
Update: Moved to Monaco where he failed at a career as race car driver (he crashed a few times and couldn't find sponsors). Signed with Columbia records in 1990 and did one solo album "Son of Albert". He now owns a restaurant called "Bar 92".
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Real Name: Moon Unit Zappa
Category: One Hit Wonders
The Hit: Valley Girl
Claim To Fame: Daughter of Frank Zappa, single-handedly spawned the "Valley Girl" phenomenon with the song "Valley Girl" in 1982.
Update: She's won the Aspen Comedy Award for "Best Alternative Comic", lives in LA and is a writer. Writing credits include Details and Harpers Bazaar and has most recently written an ebook entitled America The Beautiful .
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Real Name: Brian Kaelin
A.K.A: Kato
Category: Infamy
Claim To Fame: Rocketed to fame during the O.J. Simpson trial as "The world's most famous house guest."
Update: Lives in the Hollywood Hills and is reportedly "pursuing an acting career." Did a short stint on radio talk show. Has been seen at Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion.
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Originally Posted by GR8FISCH More than expected, more than I remembered, more that I can forget... More than you wanted to know, more than they wanted to admit, and more then you asked for. Heh heh ...
Originally Posted by Californian Wow.. that was so fun to read. I've bookmarked it. Thanks! He's a regular guy... what else might have I expected??! hmm...ty again.

He is so great in what he writes there! Totally regular guy!
Glad you enjoyed it!