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May 19, 2006
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From vitamin water to flavored H20, see if they really live up to the hype

By Melinda Dodd

These bottled waters promise to boost nutrition and energy, and even fight tooth decay. We asked David Ludwig, M.D., an expert in children's nutrition, which claims hold water.

Flavored waters

What's good Less sugar and fewer calories than soda. May help kids stay hydrated, since some will drink more when liquids are flavored.

What's not Kids don't need the added calories and sugar (or sweeteners). The flavors may train young taste buds to reject plain water.

Bottom line A good soda substitute, and okay instead of water once in a while. Look for naturally sweetened, calorie-free versions.

Vitamin waters

What's good As with flavored waters, less sugar and fewer calories than soda. May keep kids hydrated thanks to added flavor.

What's not Can't always tell from the label what amounts of vitamins they contain. Plus, some vitamins are better absorbed from food.

Bottom line Low-sugar, low-cal versions are fine as an occasional treat, but a healthy diet is a better source of nutrients.

Fluoridated waters

What's good Can help prevent cavities if your community doesn't have fluoridated water (most do).

What's not Too much fluoride causes stains on tooth enamel. Most kids get enough from tap water, toothpaste, food, and dental visits.

Bottom line Not for babies. For older kids who don't get fluoridated tap water: Talk to your dentist.

Parenting, August 2007

Are Vitamin Water, Flavored Water, Fluoride Water Good for Kids? | Children | Ages & Stages: Parenting



Mar 10, 2006
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Nah! Skip the fru-fru drinks and give 'em plain water. That really what we all should be drinking anyway.

Mar 3, 2007
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Water wins


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