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Dec 27, 2006
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Rihanna needs to fire her fashion stylist right away what is going on with her outfits????

Mya i like her funky cut and dark eye shadow and her fit is cute too.. i love the way the belt, shirt and skirt.

Beyonce, i've seen better days of her

DaBrat, okay you are thirty something, why on earth are you still wearing twisted braids in your hair and what on earth is the t-shirt you have? i have loved her since i was kid but it is time to dress and look your age boo.

Jaslene and her Mom, her mom looks younger than she does i think she is the mom.. she is soooo skinny goodness girl

Raven Simone, all grown up from the cosby show she looks she has grown into a beautiful women and i like the dress but next time put on a black bra babe..

Tia Mowry..she looks awesome, the fit is classy and simple she didn't go overboard and cute shoes

Ms Alicia Keys, she is looking so beautiful in the face but that is it once you get past the neck you wonder who told her to put o that ugly pleather looking dress.. yikes

great pics april! i agree with you about dabrat! she really needs to get a stylist. that look played out long ago!

I am so glad I don't dress like that. Jesus Rhianna, take that damn wollen beanie off. Seriously. It would be such a cute hat with a winter coat! but wtf.

and dont even get me started on raven's lack of black bra, or that bright blue dress that chick is wearing...


Da Brat looks so good when she's all made up!! I don't know why she won't keep it like that!! Geez it's like everytime I see her I want to slap those braids out of her hair!!

Raven looks hot!! Her make-up is on fire! My only complaint is yes the obvious white bra and her shoes

Tia looks good

Everyone else is ok or a mess.

rhianna- i like her funky style.. and she has the body to pull it off. it's not something that i'd ever consider wearing but, i think it fits her.

mya- i love love love her but, i'm not feeling the hair cut with her face at all. the outfit is cute but, i don't know if it's appropriate ' performance attire '.

beyonce- um, i can't really see the outfit in it's entirety so it's hard to judge. i'm not really feeling her mu in those pics and from what i can see, the coat is not flattering.

da brat- i guess that's her thing. it's defintely not mine.. and i know she can look pretty & feminine. i've seen it. she's a beautiful woman.. but, not dressed like that.

jaslene- simple & cute. not really feelin the shoes but, they're not horrible.

raven symone- elegant. definately needs a black bra, though.

tia mowrey- cute shirt but, it's not fitting her right. shoes are blah. i like the overall look, though.

alicia keys- she looks great.. as far as her hair & mu are concerned. i like the fit of the dress on her but the color & material are not hot. cute shoes.

I think Da Brat is a really pretty woman...that style is just too juvenile for her

Lol, i dont know what Raven was thinking and why her friends didn't tell her about that white bra when she left out the house.. Here's a pic of DaBrat all glammed up.. Beautiful





Thanks for posting the pics. There are some dos and don'ts, but most of them look good.


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