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May 3, 2004
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I was just reading an article on this product and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it? The one thing the article mentioned was that it is not recommended for people who wear contacts or have sensitive eyes, I usually get by fine just using mascara but thought it would be kind of nice to have something that would really enhance my upper lashes occasionally. I don't think it's available in the stores but it can be ordered, I found it at Makeup Artist Choice for around $14.00.


I don't get it, is it a mascara Harley?? Or actually lashes that you brush on or something???

Originally Posted by laura127 I don't get it, is it a mascara Harley?? Or actually lashes that you brush on or something??? Hi Laura, guess I should have included some info. with it, sorry about that, my head is in the clouds today. Here is the information and directions they had on it. Eyelashes in a Tube What it does: Quickly gives the look of fake lashes without requiring messy glues -- or a steady hand. How it works: After one coat of regular mascara, apply a layer of white, brush-on polyester fibers to wet lashes. The product adheres to and lengthens hair shafts. A final layer of mascara completes the look.
Sounds like a great product. I haven't heard of the product before so I wonder the same if it really works.

Sounds a little like the L'Oreal Double Extend mascara... same basis.. it has a white 'primer' that you put on first, then the other end is mascara - seems to work nice, but you have to do one eye completely at a time, or else once the primer dries, it's like cement and the mascara will be like glue. That and you have to be sure to cover all the primer w/ the color or you'll have white eyelashes! LoL (I like my Panoramic curl one better)

It could be the mascara has fibers in it, which will add length and volume.