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Jul 17, 2004
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Mine is Cotton Blossom. What about everyone else?

My favorite bath and body works scent is cucumber melon. I know that it's a little generic because everyone seems to like it. Although there are many knockoffs of cucumber melon that smell great nothing is quite like the original from bath and body works. This is the first scent I ever smelled from them. My best friends from where I used to live love this. When I wear it, it reminds me of the good times I used to have back in my hometown. Plus I can be in the crappiest mood and feeling completely ugly and spray some of this on and it rejuvenates my senses! It's one of my great pick me up products. The last bottle I had of this was last year and it just happened to break when I threw my backpack that it was in into the hall right before lunch. Let's just say that the junior hallway is permanently scented and everyone get's gifted by the aroma of my favorite fragrance!

Originally Posted by MysticWolf Mine is Cotton Blossom. What about everyone else?
Love,love LOVE the Orange Ginger and Bergamont Coriander from the Aromatherapy line..
My current favorites are:

Red Currant & Thyme Tea (discontinued)

Grapefruit Jasmine (discontinued)

Mango Mandarin

I've been hearing a lot about their new bakery scents, like Chocolate and such, and can't wait to try them!!!

Cotton Blossom, Peony, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Water Blossom Ivy (discontinued), and Sheer Freesia are a few of my flowery faves.

Originally Posted by Tinydancer I really liked Moonlit Path, not sure if they make it anymore though.
How could I forget that one?? I have a bottle of perfume in that scent and it's a little over half gone. I only wear it on special occasions cause I don't think they make it anymore. I'll have to ask the next time I go to the store. But until I know for sure that I can repurchase it, it will remain my "(a certain someone's name which will not be posted...teehee.....) 's coming over! I have to smell pretty!" perfume.
Sheer Freesia is nice when I want a flowery scent, but I my favorite is Coconut Lime! Mango Mandarin is nice, but a little sweet sometimes. I also like Orange Ginger and Jasmine Vanilla from the aromatherapy line. I haven't been in BBW for awhile, so curious when new scents are coming out!

My favorite Bath & Body Works scent is the Sweet Cinammon Pumpkin, which is only available in October. I have heard horrible rumors that they've discontinued this though, so once my stash is gone, I will be heartbroken!

The only one I liked was the original Flowering Herbs. Other than that, B&BW scents don't suit me well.

I am currently using Gale Haymans Spa Experience, which has the most beautifuly thick body butter and her seaweed soap. Bathtime is my favorite time and i really like to relax and indulge. I often add essential oils to my bath at the last miniute so they don't evaporate straight away. I like to read magazines in the bath whilst i have conditioner on my hair. I always rinse my body after my bath to get rid of any soap residue as i have senstive skin.

i havent tried many of their products, but my fave is the aromatherapy chamomile neroli lotion. i dont know that it really helps me fall asleep, but i love the scent.

I have 3 regulars... Juniper Breeze, Lavender Vanilla (In the aromatherapy collection) and Warm Vanilla.

My favorite is the Clean Cotton (I <3 anything Clean Cotton scented) and also Orange Ginger in the aromatherapy line. What's yours?

my fave is the chamomile neroli sleep therapy lotion. i dont know that i helps me to fall asleep, but it smells nice.

the only other two i have tried are vanilla sugar (is that even the right name?) and mango mandarin.

I like the Warm Vanilla Sugar - and the Lavendar Vanilla in the Aromatherapy Sleep line

Cucumber Melon is a staple, and I also love:

Grapefruit Jasmine

Mango Mandarin

Moonlight Path

Sweet Pea

Night-Blooming Jasmine

Cotton Blossom

And the Tutti Dolci line!!!