Favorite brushes for a smokey "v" eye?

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Feb 12, 2005
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I've never tried the smokey "v" eye but it looks so pretty! So I need recs on your favorite brushes to create the look. The only e/s brush I have right now is a bent eyeliner brush and a smudge brush!

I think a plain liner brush or a slanted liner brush would work well.

I've never checked out the tutorials but I will be sure to do so now! Thanks! There's just so much info on here!

I saw that Bare Escentuals has a new "smokey V eye" kit that includes a special brush that is made just for this. It looks like a v itself, plus you'd get some new eyeshadow
I saw it on Sephora.

Here is the link:

Sephora: Bare Escentuals Smoky "V" Eye Tutorials ($54 Value): Eyeshadow Sets


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