Favorite Eyeshadows/Brushes For Using Eyeshadow As Eyeliner

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Dec 21, 2006
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What are your favorite products for using eyeshadow as eyeliner? I don't really like the feeling of pencils or liquid eyeliners, so I'm thinking of maybe starting to wear eyeshadow as eyeliner. Do any of you like to do that? Thanks in advance for any advice/info!

I like to do this all the time, sometimes its easier for me, also the color selection is great. I use my MAC 266 brush and just dampen it with plain old water, always lasts at least 12 hours. If you'd like to see some pics I just did a look I loved today using eyeshadow as eyeliner so just let me know

i've used UD kiddie pool, MAC violet and Dark Soul pigments as liners with my 266 brush.

I have done this for years; I hate pencil, crayon or liquid eyeliner. I've used a variety of eyeliner brushes, but my favorite is the one with short stiff flat bristles (called "the push brush" by BE). I just load up the ends of the bristles with powder and dab along the lash base. Of course, I go for the more natural look; if you want a more dramatic look, you'll need a brush that you can wet for a darker, more controlled line.

I've used my mineral eyeshadows as eyeliner by lightly spritzing a concealor brush and lightly dipping it into the powder and then applying it.


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