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Oct 1, 2007
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Whats your favorite Holiday Destination & why

I love Orlando, so much to do there i never get bored

I also love Turkey, we have a House in Altinkum, i get a lovely Tan & relaxe alot

I also love New York for shopping, bought so much when we were there

Las Vegas for the shopping and hanging out.

Oregon coast for the serenity and beauty.

I lived in Jackson Hole for a few years, and the holidays were just awesome. There were a lot of tourists, but it really seems like Christmas with the elk roaming everywhere, Yellowstone right next door (go cross-country skiing there in the winter!), and the magical sunrises on the Tetons. The skiing/boarding is also one of a kind, with the longest steepest slope in America! The people are also very kind and helpful there!!

Italy... without a doubt.

I also love the beach... anywhere.

Tahiti and Hawaii, even though I was never at either of them. I just know I would love it. I plan on going to one of them for my honeymoon. And then Italy and Ireland again for an anniversary honeymoon.

I really enjoyed Jamaica when I went there. Dunn's River Falls is so breath taking. I want to go there now!

Home. I am always everywhere but there, it seems like. Anywhere I go in the world, there is just nowhere else like it.

Cornwall or Scotland - somewhere near the sea, I love the fresh green grass, the clean air, the weather. I felt really good when I was there.

If it's an all-girls trip South Beach Miami or Las Vegas

If it's with my husband Washington DC and Annapolis and Big Sur

If it's with another couple Cabo San Lucas and San Diego

If it's just me Napa / Calistoga together

If it's with my husband and baby it is definitely and most certainly our bed, all ringers off.

the most i ever really did for the holidays was go back home for a few weeks to eat great home-made food!

Key West; it's so beautiful and relaxing. Plus, that's where my husband and I were married so there's a lot of sentimental attachment.

I noticed people from the UK/Europe go on amazing trips and often...lucky.

Well, my favorite was the first time I went Lake Tahoe and saw snow there. Went with my cousin and her family... best time ever! My home state (California) really offers a lot to do.

I liked Hawaii but Maui was boring - it would've been fun being there with someone my age. That was a good summer. Went to Hawaii for one week, stayed in San Diego/Anaheim and visited Mexico the week after... finally made a last minute decision to stay in Reno for Labor day weekend.

El Salvador was really nice... the beaches are picturesque and people are nice. Unfortunately my Grandma's sister was murdered there when I stayed at her house but I was 8 at the time so the funeral didn't effect me or anything.

I would say my favorite Holiday Destination would have to be Belem in Portugal. It's only 10 min outside of Lisbon and they have amazing custard tarts that are made in this little bakery shop and when I get them, it's so warm and bite into it and warm custard drips on the back of my tongue and coating the back of my throat is intoxicating.

And the scenery itself is quite a nice package too.

I also really loved Florence, Italy. It's so beautiful and the architecture is amazing. I have to say, the ice creams ( a cross between ice cream and a sorbet) but anyway, there are 30+ flavors to choose from and it so delicious.

I love Italy!

i really like Brittany for the sea and the beautiful shores.

my best friend and i also like London, but of course, without much money it's hard to plan a trip there.

Magnetic Island Australia! I lived and worked there for a year and dream of going back...

For the holidays:home

For vacations:anywhere the mountain biking and hiking are plentiful, and the sky is blue and the temps warm and the stars are bright and...

I love Key West-it changes my whole attitude. I also love the Smokey Mountains the Gatlinburg area--very peaceful and serene.


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