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Feb 5, 2004
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I just want to know what are your favorite and least favorite make up brands? Mine is Favorites: MAC Smashbox Lola Chanel Least favorites: Clinique Lancome

Good question! My favorites are: Shu Uemura MAC Bare Escentuals Chanel My least favorites: Becca Mary Kate & Ashley - Would someone please get rid of these two! Clinique - Blech the worst.
hehe, I agree!!! Mary kate and ashley is my least favorites brand too. Yes please get rid of them. I heard Hillary Duff has a make up line too, and soon Jessica Simpson is coming out with one. GEEZ. By the way, why dont u like BECCA. I heard they got some good stuff.

Originally Posted by Tinydancer Good question! My favorites are: Shu Uemura MAC Bare Escentuals Chanel My least favorites: Becca Mary Kate & Ashley - Would someone please get rid of these two! Clinique - Blech the worst.
My favorites: MAC Urban Decay Chanel Jane Iredale Least favorite: I'm with you TinyD..MaryK&Ashley..Now Hilary Duff and Jessica simpson.STOP the insanity! Beside these don't care for Smashbox,Stila or Becca

My favorites: MAC Chanel Shu Uemura Cargo Lumene Least Favorite: Lancome Estee Lauder

Hey Reija, tell me about Lumene. I'm going to google it now but tell me whats good in that line. Originally Posted by Reija(admin) My favorites: MAC Chanel Shu Uemura Cargo Lumene Least Favorite: Lancome Estee Lauder
Lumene is a Finnish makeup line and over there in Finland it's sold in the department stores but here it's sold at the drugstores. I got mine from CVS but I'm not sure if it's sold somewhere else. I've bought the eye shadows (the wet/dry ones) and a lipgloss and I really like the shadows. They are nice texture and I think a great product for being priced like a drugstore brand. I also have the lipgloss. It's not long lasting or sticky like MAC but if you are looking for a non-sticky one the lipgloss is great. I'm looking to get more eye shadows but it's hard to pick the colors online. I would also like to get some lipsticks but again the colors are hard to pick online. Unfortunately they don't sell Lumene here in California yet at the stores because CVS had it exclusively last year.

Favorites: Stila MAC Urban Decay Tony&Tina Least favorite: NARS Revlon haven't tried Lancome or Estee Lauder, but I've never seen anything interesting from these lines!

Welcome to the board! Can you post the URL for the website for lili & dulce? I'd like to check it out.

My fave is definitly MAC and UD for color selections. Least favorite hmmm..probably a lot of lowend stuff..maybelline..covergirl..ect...those are two brands..lowend or highend I just hate lol

Fave MAC (all time fave, hands down!) Stila (only for e/s) Urban Decay Cargo (only tried their e/s and blush) Least fave L'oreal Hard Candy EL BeneFit
My FAVES are MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Stila & Lancome My LEAST FAVES are L'oreal, Revlon, Clinique, Clarine & Elizabeth Arden

Did you know that back in the day, Max Factor was considered high-end? I thought it was interested that Marilyn Monroe and others loved Max Factor.

Ouch...Avon lady here. Hee hee...just kidding - doesn't offend me. I like some products and I don't like others. I love their new MeetMark line, though.

Originally Posted by naturally Favorites:Arbonne


Bare Escentuals

Least Favorites:


Mary Kay


Max Factor

stuff that contains junk

most the "crap" at drug stores

Being extremely open-minded and a minimalist, I don't care whether it's high or low-end, because I don't worry about amount of pigment and such. Don't hate me for my low-end choices.
Explanation below.



Estee Lauder (fragrances, various cosmetics, eyeshadows, lipsticks - especially Sugar Honey & Sangria)

Lancome (Juicy Tubes, Miracle fragrance, and more)

BeneFit (I love Dandelion and Georgia - don't know how I lived without them!)

Prescriptives (Magic Liquid Powder, and more)

Clinique (Gentle Glow Powder and a few lipsticks - Bamboo Pink especially)

Urban Decay

Sugar (Yummy glosses!)

Bobbi Brown

Merle Norman (Mocha lippie)


MeetMark (love Hollywood Pink, and their Tea Pot Glosses)

Physician's Formula (low-end, but I love them)



Cover Girl (they make one of my fave eyeshadows - Bedazzled Biscotti, and also Meringue Blush. Can you tell I'm a minimalist?)

Revlon (Skinlights line)

Almay (grew up with it)

I'm probably forgetting a few more...I'll try almost anything. Not had too many bad experiences.

Least Fave:

Well, being a little too poor at the moment to buy most high-end right now, and never having had bad experience with many low-end, I can't say very much. Of course, I don't care personally about how one high-end has more pigment than a low-end. I've never been into much pigment in colors. I like to look natural, and 90% of the time (since I'm at home) I don't even wear makeup. I use a little powder just to even my skintone, because my skin is already clear, and a neutral eyeshadow and highlighter, maybe a little blush, and lipgloss.

Favorites for being uniformly great: YSL Laura Mercier Awake NARS Really on the fence with - like a few of their products, neutral, dislike or hate the rest: Stila MAC Maybelline Bobbi Brown Chanel Sonia Kashuk Big ol' Turkeys: Most Drugstore brands

Originally Posted by lancome a while back ago, makeup talk asked if I could be a frelance beauty editor. Are you guys still looking for frelance? Lancome you should PM Tony or Reija, they are the bosses around here!!!
I'm a young woman. Just turned 18. But I still have tried many many brands and can't wait to try other brands. So far from my detective work here is what I have come up with: Favorites: Rocket City (galactic gloss is great, and they have really pretty eyeshadow) Too Faced (kiss sticks are awesome but just a little overpriced. Go to ebay) Urban Decay (eyeshadow is awesome) Loreal (Colour Juice is very good quality lipgloss) Wet n Wild (their loose glitter is the prettiest and cheapest loose glitter out there) Can't Wait to try: Somebody hook me up with MAC Stila Tony and Tina Nars Bourjois Delux Beauty Lorac Philosophy Pout Benefit Hard Candy Christian Dior Cargo Tarte Pop Beauty Lola Paula Dorf Becca Smashbox Vincent Longo About to try: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Miracle Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Mildew and Urb Really hate: Maybelline Eyeshadows especially the liquid eyes eyeshadow all NYC makeup except for the roll on lipgloss All Markwins makeup Jane Iced shadow


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