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Jan 20, 2004
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I buy a lot of makeup palettes, since I like to try lots of colors at once. And I never use anything up, so I don't mind that the colors aren't full size!

Right now, I really like the MAC face palette that Nordstrom's had for holiday 2003, and Urban Decay's Bad Girl Face case. I like that both of these have eyeshadow, lipgloss, lipstick, and blush. Makes it easy to do a complete look

Anyone else have any favorites?

My current favorites are the MAC pink& neutral eyes..It seems like every other palette I've owned,I've swapped it..Except for these(and the MAC eyesx11)

The only palette that I own is YSL that my mom bought for me from Europe. I just mostly buy the individual products because I like to have the actual product instead of the palette but I have to say a lot of the palettes do look attempting. I was looking at the NARS ones and almost bought it.