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Feb 12, 2004
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I was wondering what places you guys like to shop at? They can be online or offline.

Some of my favorite places to shop include:Agaci Too, Forever 21, V Generation, Wal-Mart, www.sephora.com, and e-bay.

Now that I am preggo, its a bit hard to find clothes, otherwise my totally favorite stores are: Wetseal, H&M, Charlotte Russe and Forever 21!!!! Gosh now I feel like shopping

there's a cute boutique near my home called Shasa Emporium. i LOVE their stuff, but have to watch my wallet when i go in there or it'll explode.

oddly enough, the Goodwill near my home is amazing & i've scored the best vintage stuff & also some barely used high-end stuff as well.

Where ever I can find clothes that fit! lol I am having a hard time with this -- since I'm a grad student and will be graduating soon, I want to get away from that college student look and adopt a more professional look. However, I have such a small frame that normally the only clothes I can find that fit are in the Junior's section! (And considering that I look a lot younger than I really am, I don't want my future coworkers thinking I'm just the intern!) Plus we have a very small mall in my town, so not a lot of options...

I love the Limited and Express since their clothes are both professional and fitted (they don't look baggy on me like a lot of clothes from department store Misses' sections), but I can only afford their sale prices.
I also tend to have fairly good luck at JC Penny's (Junior's dept -- sometimes they have some nice work/dressy clothes that can also work for a 20-something!).