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Feb 23, 2006
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What are some of your favourite shopping places? Places where you could spend hours and money
without knowing where the time has gone!

Mine would be:

*David Jones Beauty Hall on Bourke St, Melbourne. This place is like a slice of heaven. I love it in there and would not find it difficult to spend the day there just looking at everything. The Myer Beauty hall on Bourke St is good too, but I am more of David Jones girl

*Borders on Chapel St, Melbourne. Take me to the true crime section and you will not hear a peep out of me for hours. This place is another slice of heaven. Of all the bookstores I've seen and gone to, this one is my favourite. The other two Borders I've gone to are good, but nothing beets Chapel St.

sephora-of course ! ugh, the number of times i went out with one rainbow hand...(i always test product on one hand).

WHSmith-i swear, i love this place. it's old, the wood stairs crack under your feet, they have cute stationery stuff and beautiful christmas cards we can't find elsewhere. i've found more scifi books there than in french bookstores. the salespeople are nice, competent, and in total empathy with you when you're waiting for the last Harry Potter

if i'm not wrong, it is the favorite place of english people living in Paris, you can hear people speak in french or english, i find it cute.

marshalls.burlington coat factory.nordstroms.macys...!!!!

and if ebay was a store, ebay. I like these stores because they have everything, and i want everything.stuff for me, evil one, and my house. all in once place.

Yeah my heart palpitates when I go in Sephora. I also love Bath and Body Works, Bed Bath and Beyond and Origins.

I love Old Navy, Barnes and Noble (I could spend hours and hours in there reading), Target, and Kohls

Other than typical chain/department stores there is this little makeup shop by my house that is run by an 18yr old girl. She and her mom are very sweet and they carry the entire line of Urban Decay and BE!!

Chapters (book store), Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs,The Bay (dept store), Walmart, and MAC counter.

Everywhere! Shopping is my therapy - I make the most of it all the time.

Well mine are always a little odd.... And not in any particular order....

Sears - POWER TOOLS!!!

Best Buy - Electronics

Victoria Secret - Ya know what!!

Kohl's - fem clothing - love their clearence racks....

Value City - Boots and HEELS!!!!

and any store that has makeup...


Sephora -- The have tons of products and always have something new to look at.

Hobby Lobby/Michaels -- I LOVE their crafting supplies and they have great home decorations and holiday stuff.

Target -- Cute clothes, accessories, and shoes plus I can buy all my regular groceries and household iteams at the same time.

Rite Aid/Walgreens -- I love shopping at drugstores because I can get tons of good quality makeup for cheap.

i prefer catalogue and online shopping.

fav catalogues:

victoria's secret

victorian trading


tender hearts

fav sites:






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