February SeasonsBox Haul

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Jan 19, 2010
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This month’s box is Valentine’s Day themed (can you tell from the pretty pink box filling?) and features healthy and eco-conscious products designed to nourish your body, invigorate your taste buds, and relax your mind.

I've been admiring photos of their goodies but seeing them on video really helps me see it better. Thanks for the unboxing!

I ,too, love the rose water. It has become a part of my skin care regiment. I also really love the body scrub. I used it on my hands first, to test it out, and was VERY impressed. It left my skin VERY smooth and soft. I haven't tried the makeup wipes but have read great things about them. My husband loved the chocolate! I really love Seasons box. I think they make very thoughtful, quality choices. It was actually my favorite box this month.


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