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Jan 2, 2013
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Hey Ladies,

I'm a filmmaker and recently I shoot a lot of interviews. I don't have this problem with women, cause all of them have already make-up on, but I have problem with males. I need something very simple, not too expensive, just to put on their face, forehead, etc., to make them look representable in front of the camera. The main purpose is to get rid of this shiny faces, which look horrible on video, when shine. Very unprofessional.

Is there anything I could buy in a store like Walmart? I need something quick, and cheap. I have no experience whatsoever or any makeup tools. What should I buy?

Thank you for help, I will really appreciate.


A Matt primer should do the trick. Not based in US so couldn't recommend one. X Like charity I believe Glamour should begin at home <3

I see this ALL the time in these types of interview situations, especially on reality tv series or docs where the production company won't budget for a MUA. Also, on these types of shows, the guys are usually first-timers in front of the camera. Always keep it simple and quick. Guys in general don't like to wear make-up. Primer or anti-shine gels may seem ideal, but it's wet, and guys will perceive that as "make-up" and they will balk at that. Don't take my word for it. Try and convince them, and see what happens... I digress... The solution: pressed translucent powder and a puff (ideal), powder brush (ok). It's Quick and fast and it will help you in post. Yeah, they still might balk, by the time they finish balking at you, they're camera ready. You will NEVER have this problem with male pro athletes, politicians or executives in the corporate sector. Then again the crew will have a pro MUA on set to cope with the diva-ness. They are worse than women when it comes to having perfect make-up. Don't take my word for it, you'll see... I digress...


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