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Feb 1, 2006
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I was told it will take at least a year to see a plastic surgeon in my city. So I thought about heading out to Toronto since the wait to see one is around 7-8 months.

A few weeks ago I had an appt with the rehabilitation doctor and mentioned that I would like to go out east to see a hand or plastic surgeon. In the past she wouldn't refer me, kept saying I'm not sure if they will help you. After mentioning about heading to another Province, right away I could tell she didn't like that and she suddenly decided to refer me to one in the city.

I phoned a week later to ask her receptionist if they have found one with a shorter wait. She said no, most of them are a year but she heard about a new female plastic surgeon who just moved to the city and she is booking for October, November this year, she would send my referral in.

So today I decided to call this new plastic surgeons office to see if my referral was there. The receptionist said yes. I was about to ask the wait time when she said I can book your appt now. I figured it would be October or November. Guess what!? I have an appointment for next week!

So this is one step closer. At least maybe I will find out if I will need surgery on my arm or if they plan on waiting it out for a bit. Yay!

I hope you don't mind me asking what's with your arm. I am glad you got an appointment so soon!

Originally Posted by Jessiica69 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I hope you don't mind me asking what's with your arm. I am glad you got an appointment so soon! I have ulnar nerve compression or sometimes called cubital tunnel syndrome with my left elbow.Medical Problems: Cubital Tunnel I already had surgery for this problem a year and a half ago, but 6 months ago the symptoms started to come back.
yay!! at long last. Honestly i've been following your arm dramas and its been ages

Originally Posted by pinksugar /img/forum/go_quote.gif yay!! at long last. Honestly i've been following your arm dramas and its been ages Yes it has been a long time. I'm glad I am seeing someone soon. It becomes frustrating with the long waits and delays.
I'm glad to hear that things are starting to fall in place for you.

Persistence definately pays off. Let us know how the plastic surgeon visit went.

that's great news ! i hope she can help ! please keep us updated and good luck with your appointment !

Small update...

I received a phone call late this afternoon. The surgeons receptionist mentioned she will have to change my appt since the doctor will be doing surgery this coming Thursday (date of my appt). Anyways my appointment is tomorrow! I will update more after my appointment.

Originally Posted by Kookie-for-COCO /img/forum/go_quote.gif Well halleujiah!! It's about time. Let me know how it goes. I promise.
Hope all goes well!! It's hard living day to day with a painful problem....


I met with the plastic surgeon today, she is okay.

Anyways I will need two surgeries. One on my elbow, other one with my wrist, both the same arm. Once she opens my elbow up she will know if I have scar tissue building up or if she will need to move my ulnar nerve over.

Two years ago I had tendonitis surgery on my wrist. I had some problems after surgery, but not the surgeons fault. There is someone else to blame for it. Anyways the pain etc is back. She said maybe a neuroma has developed or could be tendon problem. I believe she also mentioned scar revision which I believe means fixing the surgery scar I have from previous surgery. It is ugly but once again not the surgeons fault.

She said either I will have general anesthesia for surgery or my arm will be frozen, she wasn't sure yet. I hope I have general because my last elbow surgery took an hour and half, which at the time was general anesthesia. Not sure if I want to be awake for that long. I have a strong stomach but yuck, I dont want to look at my insides. She will be doing both operations the same day.

Surgery will likely be in September or October of this year.

There is a shortage of plastic surgeons plus long waiting times for consultations and surgery due to this. I was lucky and found out about this surgeon who recently moved to the city. It only took me two weeks to get in to see her. Otherwise the other surgeons it takes about a year to get in.

My surgery will be in either September or October which is not bad compared to some other surgeons wait lists.