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Feb 12, 2004
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Hey yall. I finally after, far too much consideration which Twisted Fayte pigments I was going to get. I've been really limiting myself on the amount of money I allow myself to spend, especially on makeup. After this order comes in I think I'm going to try out Cold Turkey for a while. Well anyway I got 7 of the mini me (5 gram) pigments. Here is what I got:

**Peacock-aqua blue shimmer with turquoise flash**

**Luna-iridescent white to gold**

**Fascinated-rich emerald green iridescent shimmer**

**Storm-shimmering black with turquoise flecks and flash**

**Dorothy-ruby slippers red with MAJOR copper sparkle**

**Satin Sheets-grape shimmer with silver flecks**

**Frosting-iridescent pink with a lime green flash**

My total order came to $30 including tax and shipping and handling. It was very hard for me to pick such few colors, especially being the pigment addict that I am. But I'm very proud of myself for not buying too many. The mini me's are only $4. I can't wait to get them in. My order should come in about 2 weeks. I will definitely let yall know how they performed. I really wished I would have hopped on the twisted fayte band wagon back when I heard of them. I think that the whole ordeal is really sad, and all the pigments are going to be laid in their graves. But at least their will be some LE ones every month.

I've never tried that brand... I'm curious to see how they look on you ... keep us posted!
Storm Shimmering sounds cool so post pics when you get them if you can FairyRave!