Finally scored a Chanteicalle Capri bronzer forums

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Ooh what a score! I'm dying to get some Chantecaille products myself but it won't happen any time soon. I was checking on Ebay and they had some good prices. I was temped but I'm trying to be good.

Originally Posted by Californian I hope you like it while your kids eat peas and water for dinner ... again!!Damn you, ALLI!

and Alli's are F***ing Starving ...

j.k. j.k. j.k. eheheh

They were getting to big anyway..A fast will be good for them..LOL Naw..It's all about the swappin' baby..It's the only way I can afford my goodies
OMG! You're getting Capri? How cool! Yeah, you'll love it! It adds a nice color glow without being obvious.



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