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Aug 13, 2006
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So after my long use of BE exclusively, I've finally gotten tired of the itching when I'm hot and have decided to try EDM. I ordered some samples:

  • foundation: (Buff) Buff-Light Neutral 2.5g Intensive
  • foundation: (Buff) Buff-Light Neutral 2.5g Matte
  • foundation: (Cool) Cool-Multi-Tasking Neutral 2.5g Matte
  • blush or face color: Splendid 2.5g
  • concealer: Sunlight Color Corrector 2.5g
and I also ordered some brushes since the BE kabuki brush that I have is pretty messed up:
  • brush: Everyday Eye Shadow Brush Brush Size
  • brush: Angled Blush Brush Brush Size
  • brush: Precision Camouflage Brush Size
  • brush: Premium Kabuki Brush Size
  • brush: Premium Brow Brush Size
I can't wait to try the samples out! I'm not sure exactly what my undertones are, and I use Light in BE, so I tried to just stick with colors that looked like the BE one.
I'm so excited!!!

So my kit came in the mail today! I was so excited I jumped in the shower, took off the BE mineral makeup and got ready to try EDM. I tried Light Neutral Intensive tonight and I must say I'm pretty impressed so far. It matched my skin pretty well and went on nice and feels good on my skin. The real test will be tomorrow when I get ready for work!

I have had my EDM for a few weeks now and I am loving it. It feels so great and I love the glow it gives me.

when I see all the ladies in this forum talking about MMU, I have to try all the company.

Im know that Im crazy :)

I will get an order from EDM and concealer from SM and samples from classy minerals and samples from sweety (somthing like that) and samples from cory!

I told that Im crazy???

Hey girl, haven't seen you in ages! When are you posting some EDM pics for us?

Hey! I'll post some tomorrow. After the awesome no-itch experience I decided to splurge on EDM. LOL! I bought a custom kit and got some nice freebies along with it.

So, I'm completely loving EDM! I ordered some more samples today (even though I have two 12g jars of Golden Light). The one thing I noticed is Golden Light looks good on me dry, but when it's wet it looks too yellow for my skin, so I'm trying to get a better match when it's wet. So we'll see.

I was going to post a picture the other day but my camera needed batteries. So tomorrow morning I'll post them! Gotta get up early to try to style my new haircut! LOL.

Originally Posted by Bexy /img/forum/go_quote.gif I have had my EDM for a few weeks now and I am loving it. It feels so great and I love the glow it gives me. Which formula are you using? I just ordered the original glo (tried intensive, matte and semi matte). I'm hoping to get more of a "glow" to my skin as well.
So just an update, I didn't post any pictures cause I didn't get any sleep last night. Sorry girls.
Tomorrow I'll try to post one. My camera sucks so when I try to take a picture I come out all pale. I'm definately not digital camera savvy.

I've been hearing nothing but good things about EDM. I use BE now actually, kinda curious and ready to try something new. Maybe i should give EDM a try. with BE I know the itchy feeling when its hot out. I got that alot in the summer. Wasn't very pleasant. I think maybe i will order some samples tonight.

Hi girls! Just a quick question. Will the Original Glo formula work for people with combination skin? TIA!

I love EDM ! It is my HG so far , and I get lots of compliments since I started using it !


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