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Feb 27, 2007
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This is gonna be a little long one today...sorry bout that!!! Feel free to do what most people do...just look at the pictures. ***NOTE: Excuse the grammatical error and slang...I typed it how I speak half of the time. I'm really a smartie/nerd j/k about the nerd we go!!!

...I'm still on cloud 99 after last night's performance. When I tell you that these pictures DO NOT show just how sexy Common is in person believe me...that man oozes sexiness, his smile is just...unexplainable, he has the prettiest teeth ever. Lawd, whoever he's seeing, she is one LUCKY, woman. I'm gonna give ya'll a play by play of my night...with pictures of course, I was snapping away. I don't know if Raheem Devaughn can top this but if he can OH MY!!! (I see him TONIGHT!!!)Anyway, let me first take a moment to say MAPQUEST is the freaking hear me, well of course you can't hear me but you get the point, it's evil, the directions will have you all messed up in the game, cause I was driving around uptown Charlotte forever and a day trying to get the venue, if I would've been late....ah Lawd...I don't know what I'd what have done. Now, let me rewind. Yesterday, afterwork, I was like a kid on massive amounts of sugar, I'm amped, ready to go, I get home jump in the shower...gotta get fresh for my baby, you know, he might pull me on stage and allow me to take advantage of him...Oh sorry, that's just a random thought but anyway, I take extra time on my makeup, I 'm ready....then I start feeling a little self conscious, not so much because I don't have a date, but because I feel like I look EXTRA fat in my outfit. Here are a few before shots. I'm feeling like I've talked all this junk about comfort is key, but I'm feeling outta sorts going out and I don't have on no pumps and omg...where is my cleavage. HIDDEN!!!!

So anyway, I get there and the line is already jumping, although, it's not packed yet, I still get a great parking spot AND, I'm not too far back in line. In the parking lot me and this one girl are getting out of our cars and walking to the venue at the same time I notice she has on some BANGIN' shoes, I'm like girl, I've got to tell you those shoes are cute, she says thank you, and that she knows her feet are going to be killing her. I also notice her locks, and that she looks like a more attractive India Arie. You know me, I'm a talker so we start chit chatting in line, this lame o' dude tries to holla at her and we laugh about that...she's a cool chick, we're both by ourselves so now I don't feel too bad. We decide we'll hang at the concert. Thank God, I don't meet too many strangers cause I'm friendly like that, plus anybody who loves Common like I do, is aight with me. So we get in the spot, it's not crowded at all so, we are too thrilled, because we are what would equate to 4 rows back meaning, I might not be able to touch him but I can see the individual beads of sweat. I'm vibing out with the crowd around me, I almost let the Ghetto Ghost out a dude who tried to inch his a$$ in front of me, but I didn't unleash the beast on him. Also this is when I needed a camera phone, cause I had a dude standing next to me who was about 6ft 6, but the GUY had a box...not a physical box, this nerd had a Kid n Play...high top muthafreakin fade!!! Ain't that some spit, AND he was a lil mursty...the show hadn't even begun and he had a spark of funk on him. Then, I had like a million people tell me I look like either Angie Stone or Jill Scott, this one dude was like I just knew you were Angie Stone...I'm thinking you DORK, now I might remotely favor one of my girls, but do you honesty think if I was a celebrity I'd be 4 row back with you peon's. I'd be backstage giving Common his warm up massage dummy...LMAO Let the show begin.....

First up it took FOREVER and a day for the opening act...not Q-Tip, he had an opening at...I'm like damn how does the opener, have an opener away...the crowd is thick, MAD thick, and I'm so glad I'm front and center...YES!!! It pays to be on time..good people. So the DJ, who I've heard of is 88 Keys, now's he's produced for Mos Def, Common, Kanye, and many others, BUT the dude is mad corny, he's goes on and on about promoting his album and keeps playing these wack ass tracks...blah, blah, blabbabity...I'm ready to get my Bonita Applebaum on! Out come's Percee P...*cue the crickets
* who is this, I don't know him, I guess he's been in the game a minute but he was on way too long, he had one fan though, this dude right here in this picture. Yep, I'm putting this wacko on BLAST, this one lone fan, damn near pissed his pants for ol' Percee P, he screamed, jumped up and down, convulsed, almost fainted. I'm like negro what's next you gonna pull a rose outta your pants and hand it to him...MAN UP! It was hilarious, it's always one acting a fool and he happened to be it.

Finally here comes my dude Q-Tip, he put on a PHENOMENAL show, he did some new joints, and you know he had to do all of the classics, his band was SICK, I mean FIRE. Then on top of that his Bass Player, looked like a young Bob Marley and dude was FIIIINE, me and Sheena(that's my concert buddy's name) were like oh yeah. Oh and his DJ, that dude scratched like his life depended on it, major hotness! Q-tip and Common are starting a group and I can't wait for that. Q-Tip was rocked hard...almost harder than Common. He even brought a couple of fans up on stage to do Phife Dogs part on one of his songs. Of course there's ALWAYS one dummy, ol' buddy, tried to get on stage and freestyle and promote his self instead of sticking to the script...SECURITY come get this wack ass lame o-. Anywhoo, I'd definitely go to see him in Q-Tip's own concert.


Now on to the MAIN COURSE....the vibe was high, we were ready, stage lights low, the beat intro's needed. Common came out the gate HARD!!! I mean he took you there. He did a lot of his new material, threw in some his his classic joints...he did my FAVORITE joint I Used to Love Her, I've never screamed and jumped and dance so much in my life. He changed outfits after a few songs. He pulled up a girl from the crowd when he did his love joints, every chick in there was green with envy on that one. I gotta say this, I been on Common since the FIRST ALBUM, when, he known as Common Sense and people wasn't on him like that, when he wasn't major...we go back...LOL, just gotta clarify it's not his just his fineness that is my only attraction, he's a lyrical BEAST, and one of the hottest MC's of ALL time...okay back to the show... he just had the crowd in his hands...and we loved every minute of it. It didn't even matter that ol' buddy next to me smelled like Eau De Funkee, or that this one chick keep trying to squeeze in front of me because NOTHING could have ruined my high. I had a FABULOUS time.





Me and Sheena exchanged numbers, she's mad funny and that could be my concert buddy. I drove home actually it felt like I was floating and had extra sweet dreams. This is the pic I took after the concert....NOTICE the glow...yeah, a concert like this kinda does that too you.