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Nov 20, 2007
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I like a matt finish and my skin is normal to dry. Are the finishing powders necessary to apply over mmu or are the foundations ok alone? I suppose I am asking what purpose do the finishing powders erve?

There are several uses for finishing powder. My reason is because I have normal to oily skin and the MMU I use is EDM semi-matte because I like the texture and coverage. To make it more matte and smooth I use EDM finishing powder after my initial a.m. application of EDM MMU, and later again in the afternoon as a touch up if I start to look shiney. Hope this helps. I know you'll get many more replies.

If you are looking for a matt finish, check out Elemental Beauty's (UK based) finishing powders. They do a Matt one!

I use mineral veil before and after foundation. This is because I have huge pores and very oily skin. It helps with the oil during the day and minimizes the appearance of the pores. But if you really don't think you need a finishing powder, by all means, do not use it. It will save you some $$$ for more makeup!


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