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Apr 27, 2006
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hi everyone!!

i just got asked to do the makeup for a small indie movie, its a short and its for a filmschool project

i dont know how to charge

its nothing too complicated but im doing hair too

2 women, 3 hair styles and makeup and possibly fake tears...



i don't have much to offer on how to charge tho. it's important to be fair to the company and fair to yourself.

the price of two hair-"dos" instead of cuts or dyes, and the partial cost of a makeover? i have no clue.

I have no idea what to tell ya on prices Liz, but I'm sure Amanda might be able to help, as well as quite a few others. I do want to say, "CONGRATS!"

aw thanks so much girls it means alot! it turns out that im not going to charge but its good exposure and great practice hopefully ill be able to get some other jobs

and im gonna pm amanda and see if she can help thanks for the sweet words girls!

congrats, liz! that's great! i know absolutely nothing about theatrical makeup, but just wanted to wish you well! keep us posted!


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