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Jun 30, 2007
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Hi all!! So I got this coupon for a free consultation and free samples at a Clinique counter. I called in and asked if it is an actual makeover and she says it is!! I actually heard otherwise as some people have said you just go in there and get the samples...hmmm...but anyway, I made an appointment for my consultation/makeover....VERY EXCITED!!!

This is my first time, though. So what should I expect? Anything I need to do or bring before the appointment? Also, do I need to go in there without makeup, or do they take it off for you before starting?

Sorry...probably stupid questions but I'm a makeover virgin so...

Any input/advice would help!!! TIA!

How cool for you!! I love makeovers and Clinique's makeup has taken a big step up in the last couple years IMO. You can go with or without makeup. If you go with it on, they'll just take it off. So...if you're comfortable going without any, I'd go without any. Then, they'll just match a foundation and some skin care and makeup colors and try to sell you all of it!!! LOL... It'll be fun! Enjoy and let us know what you get!

I would just suggest not wearing mascara cause sometimes they don't remove it properly and when they reapply it goes clumpy because there is stuff still on the lashes. otherwise just go however feels comfortable to you. you can always move on to different counters if clinique doesn't have what you want. most all SA's will try make up on you for free. i'm sure you'll like it though, it's always fun when someone else applies make up for you especially if they do a great job! Hope you like it

If you have a nice person putting on your make up, you might get some samples
When I got my make up done I bought the blush, lipstick, lip pencil, and lipgloss that they used, so they gave me free samples of the eyeshadows.

If there is something certain you want to try, don't be quiet about it. They will ask you if there's anything you want to see, so if there's an eyeshadow you've been trying to try point it out.

I had a makeover at Clinique done a few weeks ago. It was alot of fun. It is always nice to have someone else do your make up bcuz they will try different colors that you (or I) never would have thought of using! I bought a ton of stuff (skincare and makeup) but they gave me some really nice samples too. The I went back last week and got the bonus and yesterday went back for a few more things and got another bonus! lol

Enjoy your first makeover MacMama.

Don't be scared to ask questions about the colors, or techniquest they are using to apply everything.

They can give you things to help take your makeup off, and that way you get to try their cleansing and moisturizing products too. My face turns really red after I wash it, so the one time I got a makeover, I went with no makeup on so the redness wouldn't make matching foundation more difficult. The makeup artist was really shocked when I told her I wasn't wearing makeup, I guess most people wear their makeup to the appointments.

that's great, enjoy it !

personnally i like to go bare face there, but your makeover being at Clinique, i'd say you can go with minimal makeup and try their products that way.

ask questions about anything you'd like to know.

i think it's also fair if you buy one or two products at the end, but of course, only if you find them good.


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