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Aug 29, 2005
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Could anyone tell me the best thermal protector product,for flat irons?

CHI's protectant spray is nice, so are Beyond the Zone "Turn up the Heat" spray, ummm what else... HASK has a good one... and so does "Ion" protectant spray (Beyond the Zone & Ion can be found at Sally's Beauty supply stores) HTH!

I use "Get It Pressed" or something like that in my hair. You spray it on damp hair, then use a flat iron. (You might want to blow dry your hair first!) You can find it in Regis Salons.


Try Matrix Sleek.Look "Iron Smoother", it's what I use on my hair and it's supposed to protect hair up to 410 degrees. It's available at most salons, or check www.matrix.com for details


I agree about Thermasilk, it works great to protect hair from heat. Plus its affordable which is a plus.
I have been using TIGI (BedHead) After Party for about 4 years now, works great and smells great :0)

I used that even when I rarely used heat styling products, and it still works great with my hair. I sometimes use it right before heat styling, and it doesn't dry out my hair. =)


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