Flocked Nails. Yay or nay?

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Lacquer Lackey
Jul 8, 2009
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California, USA
I have seen the flocked nail manicures for awhile. Basically you find a polish you like, buy flock that matches it and after you paint a coat on you quickly dip your nails in a small pile of flock. I actually sort of dismissed them until I saw the santa and cookie monster manicures. Those actually inspired me.  So what do you think? Have you tried it? Interested in it?

Here are some examples.






The Santa nails are definitely my favorite. I like the idea of mixing this stuff with other textures. You can purchase flock in crafts stores and online.

Oh I wish I would have seen the Santa mani before Christmas! So cute! I've been wanting to try this!

Not sure. I searched and found this:


I was shocked that when I gently (but thoroughly) washed my hands, the flocking didn’t just go down the drain. It actually adhered to my nail polish really well! It was so strange, though, because the fuzz was damp and turned a shade or two darker, just like a wet carpet.

It was a weird experience to have to carefully dry each of my nails. By patting it with a towel, the flocking dries back to the original look. When washing your hands, you shouldn’t scrub hard if you want this manicure to last. For this reason, it’s a far from practical nail look.

It sounds like it would be a one day manicure for special days. You'd be ok as long as you didn't get into anything too stickey or use heavy cleaners.

Cookie monster? How adorable! Very cute and creative, but not lasting or wearable for every day looks. It'd be fun to do nail art for specific looks or try an accent nail, buy I wouldn't be attempting this on every mani I gave myself lol. The Christmas one was a great idea, too!

I liked the first picture but im sure they wouldnt last on me :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> id spend all day messing with them, but id say it is a cute idea.

Cute. I'd like to try it, but I wash and moisturize my hands several times a day. I don't think this sort of mani could withstand that.

I could only do this for one day too. My cuticles get too dry and too fast. If I went over a day without lotion or oil, it wouldn't look pretty anymore. But, I would do it!


...except for the cookie monster and Santa ones! If you do something like that, then it's cool.

I know a lot of people would see this as a nuisance manicure but I just can't stop thinking of all of the stuff I could do with it. I have ideas for some easter nails either using the flock as grass under an egg gem or as a fuzzy bunny. Maybe use it to add some hair to a bride of frankenstein manicure I have been wanting to do for Halloween too. I guess I just loved textured stuff that I thought this was really neat. Also, despite being in my 30's I am very young at heart.

Nay! I wash my hands a lot and do dishes and put lotion on my hands. It would never last on me. I do like the Cookie Monster. That would be ok.....just one finger flocked. But all...no way.


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