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Fluidlines, Pigments, Shadows oh my...

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Mar 25, 2006
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Hi! My username is darkh3av3n

I know, I know... I am constantly looking for items.. its just that the mu screams my name

This is what I am looking for:

Fluidlines in:

New Weed


I am looking for pigment samples for all of the Rushmetal pigments (except Gold Mode) and the Smoke Signal pigment. I am looking for 1/4 tsp for each.

I am also looking for Ether mineralize e/s and Lustreleaf e/s.

I have paypal, both instant transfer and e-check and I am also paypal verified. (If you prefer instant transfer, just know that I will need 3 days to transfer funds into my paypal account)

I have feedback here as well as on ebay (blzer76). All 100%.

If you have any of these wanted items, please pm. I like insurance and DC, so please pm the price of the item with shipping and insurance.

Thanks for looking!

Gotta love mu!


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