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Dec 2, 2007
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Last night I made my pasta. My absolute favorite food in the world!

Anyway,I just used suace and noodles, no meat.I tired it that once and really loved it. Just recently I realized that even though I like meat, I don't need it in every meal and want to really cut back on meat eatting.

Well this morning when I went to get left overs my mom put meat in it!!!!!!

I was so pissed, it really annoys me that people in my family must have meat with every freakin' meal. And I mean EVERY meal.

Its like no one I know cares about what they put in there mouths and the effect it has on there body. We have fast food all the time. my mom will say thats not true, but I think anymore than once a month is alot.

It would be impossible to go on a diet in this house. I'd starv to death.

I wish they cared more about eatting healthy foods. It could only help.

Ah, that is annoying you bothered to make your favorite food and came back to it with some extra things in it. Even if the rest of you family likes to eat lots of meat, would they have an issue with you telling them you'd like to eat a bit healthier and please don't add things to what you make for yourself?

I know what you mean! My family likes a lot of meat, especially beef. I am more of a chicken person and would be fine without having meat everyday. My husband feels the need to have meat with about every meal and does not like to eat healthy in the least bit. If I cook something healthy, he seems to add about 50 extra things to it since it isn't his idea of good. He is getting better about it, but if he doesn't like it I just tell him to make something else and to leave my food alone.

Sorry to hear that. It sounds really frustrating.

Make up a grocery list and make something that you like and just ask them to try it once to see that eating healthy food can be tasty and will make you feel better and not sluggish as opposed to eating fast food or something unhealthy.

Meat is actually very healthy for you. An excellence source of protein. I wouldn't say binging on pasta bread and sugar is healthy. Balance to everything.

But yes I understand. I have a sister who puts sausage in everything! Even a seafood pasta. It's crazy.


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