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Mar 29, 2007
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the Jan Marini Eyelash Conditioner or Revitalash & an eyelash perm. i found out that my friend is certified in eyelash extensions, and OF COURSE i went to hit her up. as i was staring at her, i was SURE she had them done to herself. turns out she's using the Jan Marini (but she said her coworker swears by the revitalash). both are around $150, but if you think about hte cost of upkeep for fakies... and then the damage after (just like fake nails i guess), just not worth it. she said she got beyond expectation results in 3 weeks. and both products last well over a year.

Plus she's also certified in eyelash perms, so BAM!!! everything i could every ever ever want!

you put either product on like you would a liquid eyeliner once a day.

anyone tried either product? her eyelashes look amazing and i dont recoall them looking like that before!

anyone hear of a cheaper product? doesnt matter... i'm trying one of them anyway!

I heard that Jan Marini's stuff in particular contains glaucoma medication and that the FDA is investigating that company...

I used the Talika one a while ago.

I also heard about what Nox said. I've read that because of that, the company changed the formula and it no longer works the same.

Ive been using the Talika Lipocils since the start of October and my eyelashes have seriously gone WOW. Its 50 bucks a tube but the stuff is awesome, you apply twice a day like a clear mascara, in a month eyelashes were growing where I had bare patches before, and my eyelashes are noticeably longer. For a month I used no mascara to help them grow, now Im still using it twice a day, and wearing mascara, it says on it you can wear it under mascara. Its still helping my eyelashes tremendously I highly recommend the stuff, I can show you before and after pictures if you wanted, because you can clearly see the difference.


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