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Jan 3, 2006
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A former contestant on Top Chef was beaten by a group of about 10 young people screaming anti-gay slurs, her attorney tells the Associated Press.

Josie Smith-Malave, 32 according to her bio on the Web site of the Bravo reality show, was with a small group of women who were asked to leave a bar in Sea Cliff, N.Y., over Labor Day weekend, her lawyer Yetta Kurland said Tuesday.

Kurland, who says Smith-Malave – a second-season contestant on Top Chef – is openly gay, said that about 10 people followed the women from the bar and started to shout anti-gay epithets and spit on them before beating them up.

Nassau County police said the case is under investigation, but they declined to provide details of the incident.

Smith-Malave, a Miami native, is a former sous-chef for Brooklyn's Marlow and Sons restaurant and worked at Manhattan's Lever House, on Park Avenue, according to Bravo.

In her bio, when asked if she had a lucky charm of any kind during the competition, Smith-Malave replied: "Yes, my cross necklace and heart pendant and, of course, my Bible."


Oh my goodness. It breaks my heart that people still hold on to such backward views.

Is this hate crime week or something?

It's 2007! When is this stuff ever going to stop!! My mom is 82 and still remembers when Black men were lynched. We haven't progressed to far from that level of intolerance it seems. Live and let live! I'm more concerned about criminals, wars, and pedophiles than somebody's sexual orientation. Can Malave cook well enough to be a chef? That's the real question..

Geez Louise! What is going on when people are so concerned about someone else's orientation? How does someone else being gay affect you? Pure insanity... those thugs belong in jail.

is this the 21century? is it just me or do we seem to be going backwards? shame, shame, shame!