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Jan 8, 2013
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Hi beautiful people!

Although it's scorching here I have a wave of inspiration and I'm doing different looks almost every day and post 'em to my blog.

So here's my FaCe oF tHe DaY! + more colorful party variation of it!

I'm new here I recently got my first bh cosmetics palette and I'm looking forward to buying more, just a little peek at what I can do
Which palette do you have? They have three new ones coming out soon - I have BH Cosmetics new BH Hollywood which I think you'd like.

I bought the first edition palette with brushes on sale, my first time working with real brushes my passion has always been makeup so I decided I needed to try these when they were introduced to me at school I'm hooked, thank you I will certainly try them being I'm in a limited income the prices are more than affordable and the quality is awesome.

Beautiful look.

Please remember to post the products you used so if someone wants to try your look they will know what to use.


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