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Mar 8, 2005
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this is actually last night´s FOTN. hope it´s ok if I post it here. I went to a club with my friend, and got to do her makeup again, and her cousin´s too *yay* that was fun, they were like you´re our personal MA now *lol* they were impressed by my pretty lame skills


MAC Studio Fix

BB Creamy Concealer

MAC Bronzing Powder Golden

TBS Shimmer Waves Bronze on cheeks


H&M e/s Ginger Brown on lids

MAC e/s Gleam on inner corners

MAC f/l Blackstrack to line

MAC e/s Concrete to line+in crease+outer corners and to fill in brows

Revlon Skinlights Loose Illuminator Powder in bare lights on browbone

MF 2000 Calorie Mascara


Helena Rubinstein Stellars Lip Gloss in Star Snowdrop

gosh, I look so flat chested and skinny on that pic, guess that wasn´t the best posture

Nice eye colours Midgard :icon_love I need to check out Mac Mistery e/s

Andrea, you look very pretty as always!! and your friend also

Originally Posted by Midgard andrea, i always love your looks! :icon_love
this is my eotd:

Andrea you look gorgeous! It looks like your fever blister is gone!

Midgard, wow that is some amazing blending!!

Today I'm going to work at the phot studio, so I'm going to try to do an artistic and eccentric FOTD. Ha ha like that's so hard for me! I'll post it if I come up with anything good.

Pretty colors everyone!

I was trying a new combo today, I think this would work better with a true gold rather than the more bronze-y Sun Goddess, but oh well, it was something different .... this was inspired by FiestyFemme's suggestion to combine Illusion with Java Bean and a brown e/l ....


Milani Illusion -- all over lid

Milani Java Bean -- outer lid and crease

Milani Sun Goddess -- just a light dusting for extra shimmer

Milani Moonlight -- under brow

Jordanna Easyliner in Creamy Cocoa

Maybelline Sky High Curves

I forgot l/g and I wore the same face as always
Oh well, it's not like they're going to kick me out of church for not wearing l/g, lol...

Originally Posted by Arielle
gosh, I look so flat chested and skinny on that pic, guess that wasn´t the best posture
I don't know, you look about as skinny and flat-chested as I do every day; now the question is whether that's a good or bad thing, lol
Arielle, you look terrific as usual. Beautiful and natural. Your friend looks pretty too!!


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